Pholus - The Power of Small Actions Leading to Great Awakenings

pholus.png Pholus, like Chiron, is another asteroid named for a Centaur from Greek Mythology.

Also like Chiron, Pholus was known as more sensitive and gentle of the Centaurs. He was the guardian of the vineyards and lived alone in a cave.

During an unexpected attack, Pholus was accidentally poisoned by removing an arrow from another Centaur. As a result he was exposed to the poison and died.

As such, Pholus is associated with assisting others through dramatic crises in which an unexpected catalyst for change brings the need for transition. Pholus helps facilitate this transition but at a personal cost.

In doing so, Pholus helps us achieve our soul contract and mission. Pholus is associated with the intoxicating wine that once uncorked, creates loss of control. The process of unleashing energy that can’t be easily contained is part of Pholus’s archetype.

Pholus is also associated with poisons for obvious reasons, and in addition, with intoxication but also viruses and plagues. Pholus is associated with a minor incident that leads to dramatic and widespread effects. The proverbial straw that not only breaks one camel’s back but which also kills the entire herd.

Due to its orbit, Pholus’s impact is associated with issues that span three generations. So a catalyst that takes three generations to be revealed or an issue that originated three generations prior which is still being felt.

Pholus in the Natal Chart then shows by Sign, house and aspect to other planets, how we experience major catalysts through small, accidental, unexpected changes.

This also shows how we may interact with poisons, addictions, toxins and disease or our capacity to facilitate healing and transformation.

Pholus shows how we experience dramatic release or how we are swept away by uncontrollable changes or intoxicating influences. This is also an indicator of major awakenings.

Pholus conjunct Mercury may indicate a dramatic catalyst having to do with communication, mindset, attitude and a new discovery that dramatically changes important constructs and methods of communication.

This could imply the potential for significant communication issues to unleash a dramatic catalyst that has dire consequences but also leads to enlightenment and transition in understanding.

Pholus can also show how we unintentionally facilitate healing for others even if we do so at our own expense in some way.

Pholus in a square aspect to the Moon can indicate a dramatic catalyst coming from family or challenging security that dramatically changes the landscape in family or potentially influences housing or family connection for the long term.

As an indicator of how we stumble into new and challenging situations, Pholus in the Eighth House shows how you may unintentionally end up inheriting a business or opportunity or how you may accidentally stumble upon a new catastrophe or opportunity.

Unintended consequences, accidental injuries or spread of illness or small issues with big consequences are all associated with Pholus.

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