Sun and Chiron aspects in the Birth Chart: How is the connection between your creative identity and inner wounds?

    By 12andus

    Sun-Chiron-Harm.jpg Sun conjunct Chiron

    There's a basic congruence between your personality, identity and will that allows you to move through life under your own guidance towards a well-defined direction. This happens without wasting energy on inner conflicts or anything that doesn't contribute to your objectives.

    You are endowed with a great sense of self-sufficiency and independence with heightened sensitivity to the needs of others because you have had to overcome your own wounds related to identity and personal strengths. Your success is easily achievable. You may feel that you need to compensate for inner wounds through shining even brighter and being a healer for others.

    You identify more with your own ambition and intuition and as a result you can be happy even without intimate connections. You don’t rely on others for approval but you have no problems socializing in an ordinary way.

    Despite this, it looks like you are indifferent to relationships, the truth is that you are very sensitive and prefer to keep distance in order to feel less vulnerable.

    Solitude is needed for you to regain your inner energy and embrace the unconscious side of your personality so that your emotions don't overwhelm your conscious mind.

    Sun sextile Chiron

    Your rational mind, instincts, will and creative identity are aligned and you can thrive thanks to your leadership ability and creativity, regardless of past wounds. You overcome challenges by maximizing your strengths, skills, and resources.

    You know how to approach people, always being assertive yet tactful in all of your interactions.

    You display your personality with confidence gaining admiration and popularity along the way. This gives you great chances to find true love and enjoy from stable relationships with your family and friends.

    Sun square Chiron

    You are highly sensitive to any criticism of your individuality. You may have to struggle to accept aspects of your identity or awaken to your creative talents or assertive energy over time and through struggle. Having fought to validate your sense of self, you are also sensitive to others who struggle with aligning their gifts and identity.

    It can be hard for you to express your unique ideas and vision and you may become frustrated after repeatedly feeling like your willpower is not as strong as you need it to be. You may feel insufficiently prepared for painful life lessons and challenges, yet as you work through these issues, you find ways to help others avoid the same problems.

    You may feel as though you jumped into the lake headfirst in order to learn to swim so that you can become a swimming instructor for others. Even if the process makes you feel like you’re drowning, it becomes a source of strength in the long run.

    You have potential to be an effective healer, helping others find their creativity and follow their will and vision. Inspiring others to see their potential and talents helps you put your own wounds in perspective.

    You may be a reluctant hero at first, but find that you are called to serve others through your creative gifts and this is part of your healing process.

    Sun trine Chiron

    You have a unique sense of purpose and mission and make the most of life’s challenges.

    Your ability to find empowerment and inspiration, trusting your feelings no matter how unconventional, can make you a role model to others as a leader, healer or guru.

    You easily embrace changes and even losses, with an understanding that you have more to gain by awakening to new opportunities rather than holding on to the past.

    When your will and inner feelings are challenged, you may pivot on your path and find inspiration instead of despair. Creativity and artistic talents can also help you heal deeper inner wounds and become a beacon for others.

    Sun opposite Chiron

    You may feel ineffective as a leader in spite of having a strong drive to make a positive impact on others.

    Your own flaws and deep seated wounds repeatedly stand in the way of success because it is easier for you to sabotage yourself than it is to work through your deeper issues and draw strength from your painful experiences.

    It is possible for you to overcome losses and deeper wounds but in order to do so you must be willing to integrate loss and pain into your life, rather than trying to ignore or tiptoe around it.

    You may try to stifle your painful experiences and in doing so, you end up stifling some of your creativity and talents. You may have to overcome self doubts and insecurities about your willpower, strengths and talents before you can express your vision and mission as a leader to others.

    Sun quincunx Chiron

    You are highly sensitive to obstacles to expressing your unique individuality and talents.

    Your willpower and emotions aren’t easily aligned at first but life lessons help you overcome tension between your creative strengths and your deeper wounds. You may be sensitive to criticism and miss opportunities for self improvement because of this hypersensitivity.

    You may also feel compelled to fix problems in others that you haven’t yet addressed within yourself. By finding your center and developing appreciation and awareness of your gifts and talents you can become a beacon of inspiration and healing for others.

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