Moon and Chiron aspects in the Birth Chart: How does your nurturing style effect your innate potential as a healer?

By 12andus

Moon-Chiron-Harm.jpg Moon conjunct Chiron

It is easy for you to step up to the plate as a role model and healer for others. You are highly sensitive to others’ need for security and emotional validation.You may have core wounds related to home, family and lack of emotional validation and you are careful to nurture in others even when it is difficult for you to nurture yourself.

You may have a complicated relationship with your mother or early nurturers and as a result had to trust your own instincts and become your own ‘mother’ to yourself.

You are highly intuitive, emotionally sensitive and empathic to the pain of others and a core wound involves healing your inner wounds so that you can access the full potential of your emotional gifts.

Moon sextile Chiron

You are highly gifted as a healer and your empathy and compassion are easily expressed to others. You may have had to make up the rules when it comes to parenting or parenting yourself but you do so with ease and turn emotionally difficult situations into opportunities to gain understanding.

Your vulnerability and sensitivity makes it easy for others to relate to you. You are aware of insecurities or insufficiencies in how you were nurtured yet you don’t project this onto others in a way that causes them to alienate you. Instead you cultivate the ‘family’ relationships that may have been lacking earlier in your life.

You may excel as a therapist or counselor who helps others work through their emotional wounds. In doing so you are both drawing on your own experience and gaining insight into your own healing.

Moon square Chiron

Your capacity as a healer are influenced by lifelong challenges related to nurturing and emotional validation. You may chronically feel sensitive to the emotions of others yet also feel as if others fall short of showing you the nurturing energy you need.

You may have had to parent or nurture yourself as a child and this instills both a fundamental insecurity and a struggle to trust your own intuition. Working through these insecurities may be a life long process but will help you find your path as a healer for others.

You may initially find your emotions frustrating and confusing and it’s not easy for you to show vulnerability, but as you work through erratic emotions and address your own insecurities, your potential to become a deeply empathic and nurturing healer is strengthened because your own wounds are being healed.

You may have difficulty showing your nurturing side initially and may have conflicted relationships with nurturing figures. Traumatic wounds from your relationship with your mother or other nurturers can make you question your own potential as a nurturer or caregiver but you will also have opportunities to overcome these wounds and learn from what you didn’t receive.

Moon trine Chiron

You are highly sensitive and intuitive and your unique and self directed style of expressing emotions resulted from not always having the validation you were seeking. Still, you don’t let this stand in the way of your connection to others.

In fact, you can be even more empathic, nurturing and healing to others because you went through your own traumas and managed to maintain perspective and find great emotional strength.

You are highly sensitive, creative, nurturing and compassionate and others easily feel comfortable in your presence. You may treat others like the family you never had or find deep, nurturing bonds through a family consisting of friends rather than biological relatives.

Moon opposite Chiron

You may initially reject your emotional side and feel cut off from nurturing and intuition because of early or chronic traumas and deep emotional wounds.

Your relationship with your mother or early nurturers was likely intense and conflicted which may result in you rejecting the aspects of yourself that remind you of these caregivers.

It takes effort and intentional healing for you to get comfortable showing vulnerability to others. You may have to grow to accept your emotional wounds and work through your deeper traumas before you can be as effective as a healer and nurturer as you were meant to be.

Your insecurities can cause you to cut yourself off from your nurturing and emotional gifts and this limits your ability to nurture close relationships. You may unintentionally sabotage your relationships as a result.

You don’t conform to other people’s standards because you had to figure out the rules of nurturing, emotions and relationships on your own. You may have a soft spot for people who are misunderstood or outcast. Your moods may seem erratic because you vacillate between trying to suppress and express how you feel.

Moon quincunx Chiron

You are likely to experience significant early emotional wounds, disappointments and losses which make you sensitive to others’ emotions. You are also highly sensitive and may frequently feel like others don’t understand your feelings or are cold when you expect them to be nurturing.

You have the potential to become a nurturing, empathic and intuitive healer and may also show great strengths as a nurturer and parent but first you must address your own underlying emotional wounds and traumas. If you don’t you will end up continuing a cycle of erratic emotions and detachment.

You may feel unable to be fully emotionally present for others because of your own wounds but taking the initiative to resolve past traumatic wounds will help you work past this and become a deeply empathic healer.

You may be drawn to children, or to those who are vulnerable and become involved in rescue, foster, healing or counseling fields. Until you deal with your unresolved wounds, however, you may misdirect your energy or become zealous about issues as a way of masking your true feelings.

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