Mercury and Chiron aspects in the Birth Chart: How is your mindset and communication style impacted by past wounds?

By 12andus

Mercury-Chiron-Harm.jpg Mercury conjunct Chiron

Your perspective and communication style are influenced by early wounds that made you feel alienated from others. You have to figure out your own way to make sense of the world and communicate needs and this can make you highly sensitive to those who struggle to communicate or express themselves.

You can be creative and have a unique perspective on things. This is because in some ways, you have had to teach yourself how to make sense of information around me. You may have had traumatic or unsettling experiences with early schooling or may have struggled greatly to learn to read or express yourself.

Your caregivers or teachers may have been insufficient to help you develop your intellectual gifts. As a result you may have had to learn to figure things out for yourself.

Mercury sextile Chiron

Your mindset and communication style are easily influenced by your past wounds though you are typically able to be more empathic and helpful toward others who struggle with learning or reading difficulties.

You have an unusual style of expressing yourself and may be able to use your intellect to connect seemingly unrelated concepts. This unique perspective sets you apart from others but also helps you win the respect and admirations of others.

You are perceptive and insightful and can work efficiently to solve problems. You may prefer to think for yourself and can be a pioneer because you don’t care what others think of you.

Mercury square Chiron

It is difficult for you to find clarity and solve problems because you are frustrated by differences between your mindset and communication style and your deeper wounds.

You may feel unable to communicate the way you would like or face restrictions in how you learn, speak or write.

You may find school challenging and have to overcompensate for insecurities regarding communication or difficulties following along with academic structure because you think in unique ways that aren’t embraced by the institution.

You are able to overcome these challenges and teach yourself to make use of your strengths and creativity, and in doing so you potentially become an empathic healer or teacher for others.

Mercury trine Chiron

It’s easy for you to express your thoughts and ideas in part because of your enhanced sensitivity to other people. You have a deep understanding of diplomacy in part because of perceived insufficiencies that created wounds in your past experiences with others.

You have a gift for diplomacy and can be an excellent speaker or writer, especially when your message is fueled by your own inner wounds. You may write a memoir about your recovery or process of overcoming the odds. You may also become a teacher or mentor for others who struggle through challenging situations similar to your early challenges.

You are seen as a spokesperson and role model for others because of your ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

Mercury opposite Chiron

You have a tense relationship between your communication style and mindest but this can also activate your curiosity and intellectual interests.

You have an uncanny and almost magical ability to solve problems thanks to an unusual perspective and sensitivity to intuitive and logical information.

You may have struggled with conventional education and prefer to invent your own language than to learn your native tongue, but you have a gift for sharing your ideas with others thanks to the struggles you have overcome in your own life.

Working through wounds related to feeling alienated, misunderstood or unable to express yourself actually prompts you to be successful as a writer, teacher, speaker or communicator.

Mercury quincunx Chiron

You have an uncomfortable relationship between your intellect and communication style and inner wounds. You may constantly doubt or second-guess yourself and in doing so your brilliance emerges. You are likely to start out life feeling insufficient in some ways related to your intellect or communication style.

You may go to extremes before you learn to value your unusual problem solving process. Your communication style may seem unusual to some or you may feel compelled to speak or write about topics in an eccentric, shocking or otherwise unconventional way.

With time and experience, you can come closer to healing your own wounds and finding ways to use your writing and speaking to reach others.

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