Venus and Chiron aspects in the Birth Chart: How do your deeper soul wounds impact your relationships?

By 12andus

Venus-Chiron-Harm.jpg Venus conjunct Chiron

You are highly sensitive to other people and your compassion works hand in hand with your inner healing.

Traumatic experiences or deep feelings of insufficiency cause you to strive to connect with others in an empathic way. You are highly compassionate and have a gift for seeing the beauty and love in everyone.

You strive to include all views and accept people as they are, as you may fundamentally feel ostracized and unsupported. As a result you may have taught yourself to develop your empathy and compassion through difficult experiences.

You may become a powerful healer, helping others overcome wounds connected to love and relationships and self worth.

Venus sextile Chiron

You are a gifted diplomat whose sensitivity to others’ emotional needs sets you apart as an exceptional friend, mentor, partner or counselor.

You have a knack for appealing to others’ need for comfort and security and you are seen by others as loving, compassionate and empathic.

You easily make friends everywhere you go and because of your own wounds around rejection and self-worth you are exceptionally cautious to uplift and empower others, helping them to heal these wounds within themselves.

You may not have the easiest life in some regards but you easily attract allies and helpers to guide you on your path.

Venus square Chiron

You are eager to spread your messages of compassion and love and your own hardships and feelings of rejection or abandonment makes you want to connect with those who are struggling.

You are sensitive to the needs of others and may have had a traumatic and challenging path establishing your own self-worth in relationships.

You are motivated to overcome your own fears of abandonment and this makes you loyal, compassionate and considerate of others. You may also use your artistic talents and other gifts to process emotions related to your wounds.

As you heal and overcome obstacles related to your sense of belonging, you also become a strong beacon for others.

Venus trine Chiron

You are highly gifted as an artist, empath and compassionate person. You are highly sensitive to others and have a unique view of beauty, value and love.

You have gone through challenges that shape your view of relationships but rather than being toppled by traumas and losses, you are strengthened by adversity.

You may have a heightened sense of confidence in yourself regardless of the views of others and this leads you to success. You are loyal, loving and kind to everyone you meet and easily attract friends and partners. As a result, your wounds help you understand others and you can be a compassionate therapist or healer.

Venus opposite Chiron

The tension between your wounds and relationships help to motivate you.

You may feel like you are always searching for love and as a result you are highly sensitive to the needs of others. You may go to great lengths to be a people-pleaser or find yourself deeply connected to those who are often misunderstood or neglected by society.

Your own wounds prompt you to continually seek harmony, beauty and comfort. You have to learn to accept and love yourself even when you do not feel this acceptance reinforced by those around you or by early caregivers. As a result you may find your path to healing opens doors for you to uplift and support others with greater sensitivity and compassion.

Venus quincunx Chiron

Developing a true appreciation of your self worth and cultivating healthy relationships is a gradual and conflicted process for you.

You are motivated by your own wounds to seek better connection with others. You may be more lenient and forgiving when boundaries are needed or you may become too rigid when flexibility is needed, until you learn to strike a balance between these extremes.

You are likely to find self worth in the opinions of others initially and through your own healing you learn to love and appreciate yourself for your own talents and gifts.

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