Mars and Chiron aspects in the Birth Chart: How do your inner wounds impact your energy and motivation?

By 12andus

Mars-Chiron-Harm.jpg Mars conjunct Chiron

You may be restless, hyperactive and ambitious though your actions are likely to be spurred on in part by desire and in part by a compulsion to overcome perceived insufficiency.

You are passionate and highly energetic and you may push yourself to your limits because you believe that if you succeed, then you will have conquered your inner wounds.

Your drive is admirable yet you are not likely to take time to notice the underlying fears and insecurities that are propelling you forward. You are likely to overcome difficult odds but may not know when it is time to slow down.

You are driven to prove yourself. You may be exceptionally courageous and impulsive, disregarding your own safety to act on behalf of others.

Mars sextile Chiron

You easily translate your wounds into motivation and may be driven to become more successful than others because of having to independently overcome odds early in your life.

You may have an exceptional degree of confidence in your strengths and views and this comes in part because you have had to figure out how to navigate through challenging situations.

You are easily motivated to act on your ambitions and may have a deep yearning to lead or protect others, this is usually triggered by deeper wounds. You may be highly sensitive to any issues that threaten your independence, reputation or individuality.

Mars square Chiron

You may try to outrun your inner wounds but they follow you. No amount of daredevil tactics or success will quite shake a deeper insecurity based on early traumas or deeper wounds.

You may struggle with a sense of insufficiency or doubt your strength. As a result you are always trying to prove yourself.

You may become confrontational, territorial or defensive because you are sensitive to people overstepping your boundaries. You are also acutely aware of others who seem to need protection or leadership and you strive to be a mentor, warrior, leader or protector of others.

As you work on your own inner wounds you can channel this excess energy more productively and become successful as a leader or trailblazer.

Mars trine Chiron

You are highly energetic and motivated by your wounds and past setbacks. You are likely to be exceptionally strong, courageous and strong willed and this helps you work through your deepest wounds and traumas.

You are a natural leader and others are drawn to you because of your strength and determination. Even your wounds and traumas don’t discourage your optimistic and enthusiastic energy.

You may have faced restrictions to your physical health, mobility or challenges regarding your individual identity but you are compelled to overcome these wounds and challenges. You may become an award winning athlete in spite of a physical disability, for example.

Mars opposite Chiron

You are fueled by tension between your unique perspective and sense of instincts and your powerful will and ambition. You are driven but also have a deep fear of insufficiency which compels you to constantly want to prove yourself.

You are passionate and courageous and are sensitive to the needs of the vulnerable but at the same time, you’ve overcome dramatic odds to achieve success and succeed in spite of your wounds. This can make you both protective of and resentment toward other vulnerable people who remind you of your own frailty.

You may also struggle with your sense of willpower and determination, feeling burned out or compelled to drive yourself to exhaustion in order to prove yourself. Healing your inner wounds helps you to find balance between the appropriate use of courage and force. You can become protective and genuinely confident.

Mars quincunx Chiron

You have an inconsistent level of physical energy and motivation. You can be determined, focused and courageous but this is often an attempt to prove yourself and gain the approval of others. You may just as easily burn out and become easily frustrated with others.

With time and practice, you learn to balance your intense energy and passions so that you can achieve your goals. You are motivated to succeed because of insecurities related to your inner wounds. You have a unique sense of courage and you may not initially give yourself enough credit for your strength and capabilities.

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