Saturn and Chiron aspects in the Birth Chart: How do your inner wounds effect your sense of responsibility and practicality?

By 12andus

Saturn-Chiron-Harm.jpg Saturn conjunct Chiron

Your inner wounds cause you to take nothing for granted. You are likely to excel in career and in business in part because you have learned through harsh experiences that nothing is guaranteed.

You are highly sensitive to matters of security and may have experienced poverty or lack of resources at some point in your life. This has a profound impact on your attitude even after the situation is resolved.

You may be focused on financial matters and career because you see it as the golden opportunity to improve your situation yet you may also never fully feel secure no matter how great your achievements. Your productivity and practicality can help others who learn from your example.

Saturn sextile Chiron

You are likely to have a strong sense of responsibility to others and not make unnecessary risks because difficult life experiences have taught you to be self sufficient, practical and cautious but also have given you a strong sense of personal responsibility.

You have a deep desire to help others feel secure and teach them the value of their resources and you may engage in philanthropic business training for those trying to get out of poverty, for example.

You are also likely to easily attract resources you need although until your wounds are healed, you may struggle to feel secure with the abundance you have.

Saturn square Chiron

You may constantly feel like you are running out of time and aren’t fulfilling your mission. Your sense of responsibility may be out of proportion to reality and you may take initiative to support others financially or practically at your own risk.

You are likely to feel like the rewards for your efforts are often insufficient and may sabotage or struggle to overcome financial hardships. It takes great effort, but you will have opportunities to break out of limiting circumstances.

Working on your own healing is the key to finding a true sense of security and success and growth in business and other obligations.

Saturn trine Chiron

You have a fortunate way of turning adversity into opportunity. Your sense of obligation to others can lead you to become a philanthropy-minded business person or to build your career around fulfilling needs in your community.

You are sensitive to those struggling with scarcity as you have had to forge a unique path out of poverty or overcome obstacles that threatened your sense of security, but even still you didn’t lose your faith in your ability to succeed and prosper.

Your own healing process involves learning to feel secure and manage abundance in your life in a way that helps promote your goals while also supporting those around you.

Saturn opposite Chiron

Your earlier wounds make it difficult for you to see beyond your innate insecurities and fear of financial losses. This can cause you to repeatedly sabotage yourself.

You may be so focused on the trappings of security that you continually overlook actual opportunities to create security and abundance around you.

Working to heal your inner wounds will help you succeed in fulfilling your obligations to others and finding greater security. Your understanding of scarcity and insecurity can help you excel in finance, business or management but you will be most effective if you work through your own feelings of insufficiency first.

Saturn quincunx Chiron

You have an unsettled relationship to others and may both seek and reject the need to take responsibility.

Your deeper wounds cause you to mistrust others or expect hardships while you also may constantly strive for a sense of security that always seems to elude you.

You may go to extremes of becoming impractical and then a control freak in an attempt to establish order and consistency. You thrive in structured settings yet tending to your deeper wounds will free you from your obsession with security and help you fulfill your obligations to others.

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