Uranus and Chiron aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you find radical change and healing within groups?

By 12andus

Uranus-Chiron-Harm.jpg Uranus conjunct Chiron

You are intensely involved in trying to transform society and particular social groups as a result of your own experiences with rejection and alienation.

You may feel deeply that you don’t belong or don’t want to belong yet you also feel the compulsive need to break others’ illusions.

You are likely to draw on your own experiences with wounds and traumas to find your individual path as you often feel that you have had no choice but to pave your own way. In spite of this, you stand out from the crowd as a trailblazer and inspiration.

Uranus sextile Chiron

You have a gift for working through your deep wounds by taking an innovative, creative approach to inspiring change. You are a trendsetter and the fact that you never quite felt like part of the crowd works to your advantage.

You aren’t an outsider as others look to you for perspective, but you don’t lose your individuality to groupthink either. Instead, you are able to maintain a unique view because you are in tune with your intuition and compassionate toward humanity.

You have a gift for sensing what is on the horizon and understanding group dynamics. Working through your own wounds can prime you for a role as teambuilder, organizer or activist.

Uranus square Chiron

You are likely to feel friction and tension between your desire to be part of the group and create radical change and your unique vision of how things could be.

You are intuitive and have a strong vision for the future. Thanks to your inner wounds and past traumas you aren’t tied into the false illusions that others may cling to.

But when it comes time to collaborate with others or be part of change efforts, you may find all your buttons being pushed. You are likely to become frustrated by those who don’t readily accept your vision.

You may want to be an inspiration to others because of your own difficulties, but also feel so frazzled and stressed because of unhealed wounds that you end up further alienating yourself from others.

Working through your own issues can help you to become more effective as an agent for change within groups and a humanitarian activist.

Uranus trine Chiron

The best antidote for your deeper wounds come from groups and organizations. You may shock others by embracing radical transformation that allows you to shed your old wounds and pursue your bigger vision.

Though you are unique and unusual, you also have a humanitarian streak and are highly sensitive to the needs of others, especially group dynamics.

You are eccentric, colorful and brilliant and adversity only inspires you to make the most of every situation. You help shake people out of their comfort zone because you are acutely aware that security is an illusion.

Healing your own wounds is more likely when you make it a group healing effort. You may participate in or lead therapy groups and bring about transformation through creative and artistic means and through science and study of the occult.

Uranus opposite Chiron

You may have a deep desire to change society as a progressive trendsetter and your unique perspective is often fueled by your own unresolved wounds.

You may have a strong desire to be an activist or agent of change but also detest or resent those you are trying to serve because of your unresolved inner conflicts.

Until you work through your own healing, you may also alienate yourself from the causes you wish to be active in. You are likely to have an intense reactive response when triggered by feelings of alienation yet you also despise the crowd you fear being rejected by. Working on your own healing helps you

Uranus quincunx Chiron

You need to adapt to unusual circumstances that set you apart from the group.

As a result you have a unique vision and unadulterated intuition, yet you may also long for the acceptance of social groups. At the same time, you reject the status quo and rebel against those you feel alienated by.

With healing and attention to your own wounds, you may come to appreciate your unique talents and gifts while channeling your special vision and talents for the purpose of social change and innovation.

You can use your instinctive knowledge of group dynamics and sociology to create new technologies, strategies or organizations that help assist, heal and empower others.

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