True Lunar Node and Chiron aspects in the Birth Chart: How do your core wounds relate to your destiny?

By 12andus

True Lunar Node-Chiron-Harm.jpg True Lunar Node conjunct Chiron

Your core wounds and past traumas help you to make dramatic steps toward fulfilling your purpose and destiny. Your deep wounds and past traumas can fuel your passion and motivation and help you gain clarity on your higher purpose and goals.

You are happiest and most fulfilled when you are pursuing a path of spiritual healer and living in alignment with your need to release Karmic energy as someone who is helping others work through the issues you have worked through on your own path.

You are drawn to turn your wounds and traumas into opportunities to heal and serve others.

True Lunar Node sextile Chiron

You have the potential to be a solid spiritual leader and healer yet you have deeper work to do on your own healing.

You are drawn to be an intuitive, healer or spiritual leader but will have to face and work through your own deeper lessons and wounds first.

You easily attract people who support your growth and advancement and these connections to spiritual leaders and healers in your own life shapes your path as a spiritual guide for others. You make the most of every situation and are always looking for a spiritual lesson in every conflict.

True Lunar Node square Chiron

You are compelled to seek spiritual advancement to help you overcome your deeper wounds and challenges. You may find frustration in situations where you are distracted from your higher spiritual purpose and calling.

Your path to healing requires you to overcome distractions and expand into new territory where you are of service and working as a healer for others.

By overcoming your own limitations and frustrations, you step up to the path you were meant to be on. It is only when you are playing small or trying to maintain security that you run the risk of holding on to your wounds out of comfort and complacency rather than letting go and embracing opportunities to fulfill your purpose.

True Lunar Node trine Chiron

You have a strong inclination to fulfill your destiny. Even when you face traumas and wounds, these help propel you forward in the direction of embracing and fulfilling your purpose. You thrive in situations where you can use your own past wounds and difficult experiences to serve and uplift others.

You easily find the lessons and fortunate opportunities in any challenging situation and you don’t let wounds or traumas block you from your own understanding of your purpose and spiritual connection.

You have a strong understanding of the connection between wounds and awakening and may have had your own spiritual awakening as a result of your own past traumas. As you heal and regain ground in your personal life, your ability to be a positive beacon for healing and spiritual growth for others is heightened.

True Lunar Node opposite Chiron

Your desire to be a spiritual guide and healer as part of fulfilling your destiny is often stunted or undermined by fears and resistance to facing your own wounds.

You may approach healing with a ‘do as I say not as I do’ mentality but this catches up with you in the long run. It’s not until you truly face and deal with your own issues and embark on your own healing journey that you are able to really thrive and fulfill your mission as a healer, intuitive or spiritual guide.

You are given synchronistic opportunities to blend your own healing with guiding and healing others but you need to work on overcoming inner fears so as to not sabotage these opportunities.

True Lunar Node quincunx Chiron

You have an awkward feeling about your destiny. You both want to move forward and embrace your calling and mission yet you also hesitate and tiptoe around your higher spiritual mission out of insecurity and fear.

Your own healing needs to involve emotional and spiritual aspects of your personality and life. Over time you will find balance between your own healing and your obligations to others as a counselor, mentor or spiritual advisor.

As you work on your own healing, you will be able to make adjustments to your understanding of your own insecurities and wounds so that you can help to heal and guide others.

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