Chiron and Ascendant aspects in the Birth Chart: How is your appearance and attitude shaped by your deeper wounds?

    By 12andus

    Chiron-AC-Harm.jpg Chiron conjunct Ascendant

    You are a walking, talking ambassador for spiritual healing and awakening as a result of your own path toward overcoming past traumas and challenges.

    Like a spokesperson for a weight loss program or a champion of Alcoholics Anonymous who frequently demonstrates and speaks openly about the benefits of your healing experiences, you are candid and clear about the path you took to overcome inner wounds and encourage others to do the same.

    You are transparent about your wounds and their impact on your attitude and appearance. You may have literal and obvious physical scars or obvious impact of past wounds yet you don’t let this deter you.

    You may be an advocate or champion for those with disabilities because of your confidence and openness about your own disabilities or challenges, for example.

    Chiron sextile Ascendant

    You easily find the support and community you need in order to thrive in spite of past wounds and traumas.

    Part of your process of healing involves an obvious, physical and outward manifestation of your past traumas or wounds. You may speak openly about your challenges and fears and this works in your favor because others rally to support you and help you find the resources you need.

    As you embrace your own healing, you also are able to be a strong advocate and spokesperson for others who are struggling with the same wounds and traumas you worked through.

    Chiron square Ascendant

    You carry an obvious chip on your shoulder as a result of past wounds. You may use your past wounds and fears as motivation to work through the challenges that have scarred and affected you but it is difficult for you to not get caught up in power struggles and blame.

    Embracing your past wounds and accepting yourself as you are rather than rejecting your appearance or other aspects of yourself impacted by your past wounds is your key to healing.

    Once you work through your own wounds and learn to love yourself and share your experiences authentically you can find strength in your vulnerabilities and experiences and this helps you shine a light for others.

    Chiron trine Ascendant

    You easily embrace your past wounds and traumas and turn your painful experiences into opportunities to help uplift and heal others. Even if you have not fully resolved your own fears and healing you are still a highly effective spokesperson on behalf of others.

    You easily attract friends and supporters who help you navigate your path to healing difficult wounds. You also see opportunities to project confidence and love even through your own healing struggles.

    You may have physical wounds or scars or other obvious wounds from the past but you are authentic and transparent about your experiences and this makes others admire and trust you even more.

    Chiron opposite Ascendant

    You have the potential to be a strong, authentic spokesperson for healing and change based on your own experiences with your inner wounds, yet you are likely to avoid this opportunity because it is difficult for you to accept who you genuinely are.

    You may try to hide from or downplay your wounds and in doing so you may overcompensate with a façade of confidence or ambition that is not genuine. By working to heal your fears, insecurities and past traumas, you are more effective as a leader and healer for others.

    Acceptance and self love are necessary first steps in this process. Until you have learned these lessons, you may project your own wounds onto others around you and fear or resent those who remind you of your limitations.

    Chiron quincunx Ascendant

    You are likely to struggle to accept the physical ramifications or limitations of your inner wounds on your attitude and appearance.

    You may try to deny, hide or overcompensate for your past wounds yet others can see through your defenses. Others are also likely to be able to see your higher potential as a healer or guide for others.

    With practice and greater acceptance, you may come to appreciate your unique strengths and gifts given to you from a changed perspective. This unique perspective can become the basis for a future as a guide and healer for others.

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