Chiron and Midheaven aspects in the Birth Chart: How do your inner wounds impact your career path?

    By 12andus

    Chiron-MC-Harm.jpg Chiron conjunct Midheaven

    Your inner wounds and past traumas are instrumental to opening new doors to your potential career path. Whatever insufficiencies, challenges or wounds you struggled with become the highlight of your career path as you seek ways to help others overcome the obstacles you went through.

    You may be drawn to community service work or careers in humanitarian or healing fields specifically to help others who are struggling to find the path to success and stability that you found. In particular, you focus on wounds related to confidence and creating a legacy through career.

    You may help others find retraining after a crisis or health issue, or may advocate for work opportunities for people with disabilities.

    Chiron sextile Midheaven

    On your path to healing you encounter others who help you see your strengths and potential to make a positive mark in society.

    Your career path is potentially shaped by past wounds, fears and insecurities. You are able to overcome obstacles and bounce back and may even become regarded as a leader in helping others navigate the same challenges.

    You have a unique view of career and purpose because of your traumatic wounding experiences. You may be able to succeed in a business related to your experience of triumph such as a business that specializes in helping or employing people who have struggled with job loss, homelessness, or various emotional or physical wounds that have impacted their past prospects.

    Chiron square Midheaven

    Until you deal with your own inner wounds and challenges related to security, productivity and legacy, you may struggle to make your mark.

    Healing crises, emotional wounds and past traumas are likely to play out in your life in ways that challenge your ability to succeed in your career.

    Aftershocks from health or emotional wounds can damage your career reputation and potential for advancement until you use these tribulations as motivation to tend to your inner wounds and overcome past traumas and obstacles.

    When you do, you will gain a heightened sensitivity to the plight of others and may also build your career success around channeling this energy to help and heal others.

    Chiron trine Midheaven

    You have a fortunate knack for turning crises into beneficial opportunities for healing and growth. You are likely to channel your own experiences with wounds and traumas as motivation for helping and healing others.

    You are able to empathize with others because you have a deep understanding and acceptance of the ways that illness, emotional wounds, and trauma can impact one’s sense of legacy and productivity and you make it part of your mission to help others find success in career in spite of obstacles.

    You may become successful as a healer who focuses on vocational rehabilitation, employee assistance or job and career placement programs for people with disabilities. You may also write, speak or publicly share your message about finding new paths to success and strong careers after, inspite of, or because of setbacks.

    Chiron opposite Midheaven

    It is difficult for you to see how your past traumas and unresolved wounds are interfering with your ability to thrive in your chosen career path.

    Ironically, it is because you deny or minimize your past wounds that you tend to avoid facing the need for deeper healing, which only serves to further limit your career success.

    In order to live up to your higher potential, you need to accept and work through your own past wounds and traumas. In doing so you are better able to advance in your own career and help others move through their difficulties as well.

    Chiron quincunx Midheaven

    You may initially blame difficulties on your career path on others rather than seeing that many challenges relate back to unresolved wounds and past traumas.

    When you face your insecurities and past wounds and consciously take measures to work through them, however, you are able to adjust your attitude.

    Your new approach to healing and to your own full potential in career will open doors for you. You may be drawn to work in a capacity where you are helping others struggling with issues similar to your own past wounds for example.

    You may have to adjust your ideas of success and learn to accept opportunities as they arise, knowing they will evolve into the ideal but may not always be perfect at the onset.

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