Venus and Chiron aspects in the Synastry Chart: How does this relationship help address wounds to self-worth?

    By 12andus

    Venus-Chiron-Harm.jpg Venus and Chiron conjunct in the synastry chart

    This relationship is instrumental in helping each person find their sense of self-worth and feel valued. There is a shared sense of beauty which goes beyond vanity and becomes healing.

    Chiron person feels attracted to Venus person and finds security in this relationship. Chiron person sees Venus person as beautiful, compassionate and loving and finds acceptance and validation that is deeply healing.

    Venus person finds Chiron person to be sensitive, intuitive and wise. Venus person is drawn to Chiron person for their unusual perspective and compassion. Venus person recognizes the healing energy Chiron person brings to the relationship and finds acceptance and security in this connection.

    Venus trine, sextile or semi-sextile Chiron in the synastry chart

    This relationship helps both Chiron person and Venus person to amplify both of their gifts. Venus person finds deeper healing and understanding in their connection with Chiron person.

    Chiron person may come to a deeper appreciation of arts, culture and beauty from their relationship with Venus person and finds understanding and compassion in this relationship.

    Venus person helps Chiron person find self-acceptance and healing and both create the kind of harmony that allows for deeper healing and appreciation of each others’ beauty and talents.

    Chiron person may connect with Venus person during a time of deep emotional wounds or heartbreak and helps Venus person overcome loss and emotional wounds.

    Venus opposite, square or semi-square Chiron in the synastry chart

    This relationship both Venus person and Chiron person overcome challenges based on past wounds and traumas though it is not an easy path to finding harmony. Chiron person triggers Venus person's old wounds regarding love, self-acceptance and self-worth, giving Venus person new opportunities to work on deeper healing.

    Venus person may struggle with Chiron person's own unresolved past wounds, becoming distracted by Chiron person's past wounds. Both can become trapped in a codependent cycle focusing more on each others’ wounds than on their own choices and needs.

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