Mars and Chiron aspects in the Synastry Chart: How do you motivate each other to become confident?

    By 12andus

    Mars-Chiron-Harm.jpg Mars and Chiron conjunct in the synastry chart

    This relationship brings optimism, energy and passion which has an empowering as well as healing quality for both Chiron person and Mars person.

    Mars person is drawn to Chiron person and sees Chiron person as unique, exciting and wise. Chiron person helps Mars person find productive outlets for their intense energy and can be a catalyst for empowerment, confidence and healing for Mars person.

    Chiron person appreciates Mars person's ability to help them focus on healing their deeper wounds and through the connection to Mars person they find motivation and excitement.

    Mars trine, sextile or semi-sextile Chiron in the synastry chart

    You are both motivated and inspired by this relationship. Through this relationship, both find focus, healing and confidence.

    Mars person finds healing, wisdom and insight through their connection to Chiron person. Mars person may need to slow down and gain perspective and Chiron person helps to awaken them to ways their actions can inspire or hinder others.

    Chiron person finds focus, motivation and direction from Mars person and may be encouraged to be more assertive or work through their inner wounds especially wounds that prevent them from leadership, confidence and assertiveness.

    Both help each other work through traumas and wounds related to anger, confidence and autonomy. Chiron person may help Mars person see their individual potential in a new way.

    Mars opposite, square or semi-square Chiron in the synastry chart

    Through this relationship, both Mars person and Chiron person are compelled to work through power struggles and find personal strength. Both may feel triggered through conflicts and misalignment, the friction can help each take on new perspective and make adjustments.

    Mars person's restlessness helps to awaken Chiron person's assertive side, even if it is because of the need to spar or push back against Mars person's domineering side.

    Chiron person can harness this friction as motivation and this helps Chiron person find their ambition and motivation to fight for success. This pair constantly tests each others’ limits and pushes boundaries but in the process Chiron person can find strength and power.

    Mars person on the other hand is compelled to see beyond their own reactions and perspective because Chiron person reminds Mars person of their connection to others. Mars person's sensitivity and empathy are awakened through this relationship, though it may be through conflict.

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