Transiting Sun on natal Chiron

    By 12andus

    Sun-Chiron-Harm.jpg Transiting Sun conjunct natal Chiron

    Your past wounds and unresolved traumas are illuminated now and stand out as part of what make you special and unique. You may gain recognition because past wounds have refined present strengths.

    Others may look to you as a leader and you may take center stage as an influencer or leader whose creative path to healing can become an inspiration for others. Your ability to accept your unusual and quirky side and your inner wisdom are highlighted now.

    You may bring your inner genius or creative talents to the forefront and any pain or doubts that once held you back from being true to yourself are eliminated now.

    Transiting Sun sextile natal Chiron

    This is an ideal time for your potential as a healer, artist and leader to take shape. Your wounds may fuel your imagination and you may have the desire and motivation to work through old traumas, losses and insecurities in a unique way.

    Even if you draw attention to yourself and your imperfections it is likely to be to your benefit now. Others are likely to recognize your potential as a leader and inspiration and you may begin attracting people with similar wounds or challenges that you have experienced in the past. You don’t have to be perfect, just be yourself and you will be an optimistic role model for others.

    It is far better to be true to yourself and show the world your unique perspective. You may have a special or extraordinary path to overcoming difficulties and shedding light on your ideas will be beneficial to yourself and others now.

    Transiting Sun square natal Chiron

    Your desire to stand apart as an individual and a creative leader is at odds with your deeper insecurities. Overcompensating for past wounds or trying to bypass your unresolved insecurities regarding not being seen, heard or appreciated can actually get in the way of your success now if you aren’t careful.

    Rather than trying to be perfect or suppressing your past wounds, this is a time to use the natural friction between your longing for the spotlight and your feelings of imperfection and show your authentic gifts and individuality.

    You may have to overcome fears of criticism or worries about not being appreciated now. Learning humility and not being distracted by the desire for recognition are part of your lessons now.

    Transiting Sun trine natal Chiron

    Seize opportunities to shine now. Fortunate chances to let showcase your special creative talents arise and you are easily able to share your unique perspective with others as a leader. The path from wounded to empowered is in focus now and others are inspired by your example.

    You don’t have to work too hard to set the tone for those around you and your optimism and creativity help to set the stage for further healing both for yourself and for others. Even if you still feel affected by past traumas and wounds you are still in a unique position to share your wisdom and others appreciate your authenticity.

    This is a great time to draw on your creative skills and talents to bring attention to an issue or cause related to healing and overcoming wounds to confidence and personal expression.

    Transiting Sun opposite natal Chiron

    Your past wounds and traumas are brought to the surface now. You have to face aspects of yourself that are impacted by unresolved wounds. Your imperfections are not the issue, but your insecurities and the extremes to which you may go to overcompensate for them are likely to disrupt your status or reputation.

    Conflicts related to your confidence and self-esteem are brought to your conscious awareness now. You have the opportunity to find balance and perspective.

    You may have to struggle to overcome insecurities and feelings of not being appreciated. You may feel that you are losing status now. This can be an empowering time if you are willing to face your insecurities and fears and bring deeper healing and resolution.

    Transiting Sun quincunx natal Chiron

    You have the opportunity to harness your creativity to heal past wounds now. You may adapt to your greater strengths now. You may have been avoiding responsibility for your unique views and personal style. Rather than playing small and pushing your wisdom aside.

    This is an important time to shed light on past wounds and work through your creativity and optimism to make sense of past losses or traumas. Wounds related to confidence and individuality can be healed now.

    Adjustments to your sense of self that allow greater humility and balance your optimism and enthusiasm with your responsibility to empower and lead others.

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