Transiting Mercury on natal Chiron


    Mercury-Chiron-Harm.jpg Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Chiron

    You may have suppressed or buried past wounds or traumas but now is the time to use your communication skills and intellect to help express your unique perspective.

    You may feel compelled to write or speak in depth about your past wounds or traumas. Old wounds related to how you perceive the world such as difficulties learning, speaking or writing, are addressed now and what was considered a limitation in the past is now held up as a strength and source of validation and accomplishment.

    You may be recognized for your unique style of writing or speaking and your unique thought process now. This is an ideal time to focus on expressing your views regarding past wounds and healing.

    Transiting Mercury sextile natal Chiron

    This is a time of great potential. You may be able to unlock the keys to healing past wounds through your intellectual gifts. Communication and expression through writing and speaking can also help you create greater understanding and acceptance or draw attention to wounds impacting those around you.

    Your own past hardships give you a heightened sensitivity to others which is now awakened. You can now articulate your understanding and unique perspective in powerful new ways and help work through your own past traumas at the same time.

    This is an ideal time to look for supports and outlets to share your message. You may feel drawn to socializing in circles where people can relate to your healing process and where you can emerge as a creative guide and healer.

    Transiting Mercury square natal Chiron

    You are likely to feel friction between your experiences working through past wounds and traumas and your desire to become a messenger as a result of these wounds. You may feel pushed to center stage now as a spokesperson for an issue or trauma that you haven’t comfortably resolved yet.

    Rather than avoiding the issue this can be a powerful time for healing if you find motivation through hardship.

    You have the opportunity to work through friction that makes you feel restricted. You may be struggling to have your voice heard now and that triggers insecurities and past wounds about not being understood. Working through this hardship can get help you find validation for your message and wisdom.

    Transiting Mercury trine natal Chiron

    This is an important time to step up to the plate and have your message heard. Your past wounds and traumas become an important part of your story now and your intellect and communication helps bring healing to the forefront.

    You have fortunate opportunities to gain recognition for your unique understanding and perception now. Your mindset is unique and this helps others come to appreciate your wisdom as a healer. You may draw on storytelling, writing or speaking to draw attention to wounds that others are struggling with and at the same time this helps you work through your own traumas and wounds.

    Transiting Mercury opposite natal Chiron

    Your mindset and ideas are not aligned with the lessons you need to learn from past wounds and traumas now. You may have to struggle to make sense of past wounds or to embrace your unique views.

    You may have internalized negative messages or beliefs about your intellectual abilities or ideas yet you know on some level that you have an important message to share.

    This is an important time to validate your message and beliefs yet in order to do so you will have to work through your own insecurities and self-doubts. You may have to come to greater appreciation of your own intelligence so that you can feel confident sharing your message with others now.

    Transiting Mercury quincunx natal Chiron

    This is a powerful time of healing and adaptation. You may have to work through some mental blocks or insecurities related to your ability to be heard and understood now. You may have been called to convey your unique wisdom as a speaker or writer now.

    In spite of feeling this deep calling to clear the air about past wounds and traumas and help uplift others, you will have to become confident and comfortable making your voice heard.

    This is an important time to overcome past insecurities and speak your truth. As you do this, not only will you find your own healing but you will become a spokesperson or leader for others.

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