Transiting Venus on natal Chiron

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    Venus-Chiron-Harm.jpgTransiting Venus conjunct natal Chiron

    Your past wounds are brought to the surface now through your relationships to others and through lessons involving self-value and self-worth. You may be called to examine the value you place on yourself and your unique vision and gifts.

    You are likely to find greater healing and perspective through a relationship or by empathizing with others. You are also likely to find greater beauty and appreciation for the value of your gifts and resources now and this helps you resolve past wounds and traumas.

    This is an important time to align your values and actions and you may easily attract allies, mentors and loved ones who help you reclaim your sense of beauty and compassion.

    Transiting Venus sextile natal Chiron

    You have more allies than you realize now. This is a time to potentially work through wounds to self-worth and validation and find resolution from past heartbreaks.

    You may be more popular than you realize and others are easily drawn to you because they value your unique perspective. Your sense of self worth may be influenced in part by past traumas but this will also fuel your empathy and ability to validate others.

    You are able to find comfort, beauty and security in spite of hardships or past traumas now. You may be able to transform painful experiences through art or other forms of expression.

    Transiting Venus square natal Chiron

    Your love life and relationships in general may be a source of pain and stress now because current relationships are triggering old wounds. Heartaches and unresolved losses and traumas from the past are triggered by present relationships with people you value.

    You may feel like everyone you care about is undermining your progress but it is just the opposite. Those who care about you see your potential and are pushing you to live up to this. What others want for you and what you feel you deserve may clash now and likewise you may feel like you are pushing your loved ones to comply with what you want for them.

    This is an important time to gain clarity on your own priorities but also to allow relationships to be a vehicle for you to gain greater appreciation for your worth now.

    Transiting Venus trine natal Chiron

    This is an important time for you to attract the love and abundance that will help you overcome past wounds and traumas.

    Your past insecurities related to self-worth and your intrinsic values are brought to the forefront now. You have the unique opportunity to thrive and turn your past pains into lessons that can help you express love for others.

    Your current relationships are actually helped and strengthened now. You are given opportunities to transform losses and feelings of inadequacy because of the love and validation you find in connection with those closest to you now. This can be a crucial time for relationships to develop especially Karmic healing relationships with soul mates and significant people in your life.

    Compassion, affection and romance may factor in to your healing process and also can become the platform from which you begin to help uplift and empower others.

    Transiting Venus opposite natal Chiron

    Your desires and longing for a close romantic relationship may not easily align with what you need to do in order to heal past wounds. You may have to face deeper fears and insecurities about romance and relationships in order to overcome past wounds.

    You may struggle with possessiveness or jealousy or look for others to prove they value you now. Instead it is best for you to face your past unmet needs and wounds related to abandonment.

    Your relationships can be healed and strengthened now but you will have to work through conflicts between what you want for yourself and what is best for your partnerships or relationships.

    Transiting Venus quincunx natal Chiron

    You struggle to accept your worth now because past wounds and traumas are resurfacing. You may be struggling to find a solid sense of self-worth and beauty now. In spite or because of your past traumas and feelings of abandonment you have unique wisdom and power.

    Your ability to embrace your past wounds and love yourself will help you heal and inspire others now. You may stand out to those who share the wound of self-image or self-worth and you are able to adjust your views now.

    You are going to have opportunities to gain empowerment and confidence with your unique beauty, style and value now. Without intending to you may be attracting mentors and helpers however it will be up to you to make the most of these challenging lessons and venture out of your comfort zone.

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