Transiting Jupiter on natal Chiron


    Jupiter-Chiron-Harm.jpg Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Chiron

    This is a significant time for healing on a broad scale. Your optimism and enthusiasm for understanding and meaning making is enhanced now and becomes part of your healing process.

    During this time you may develop a unique appreciation for the social and institutional factors that lead to individual wounds and traumas and may find great success working to resolve injustices related to past traumas and wounds you have suffered.

    This is a good time to align your ideals and beliefs with your desire goals when it comes to healing and resolving past wounds and insecurities.

    You may develop greater confidence now and also come to a wiser understanding of the interconnection between various experiences. As a result your beliefs about your life circumstances may change dramatically now.

    Transiting Jupiter sextile natal Chiron

    You have the potential to connect with others who help inspire your broader understanding of the implications of unresolved wounds. This is a fortunate time to expand your network and extend your views and beliefs regarding past injustices and traumas.

    You can use social activism and humanitarian efforts as a salve to address personal wounds from the past and you have a unique perspective in part resulting from your past wounds related to not feeling at home in society or feeling alienated because of your convictions or ideals.

    You may find a community of people who share your beliefs or are committed to the same ideals that you value now. Being part of a larger movement is healing in itself for you now.

    Transiting Jupiter square natal Chiron

    Even though this is a tense time in which past wounds are put under the magnifying glass and your sensitivity heightened, you are still somewhat fortunate to have lucky breaks working in your favor now.

    This is an important time to refine your beliefs and challenge your own ideology. Past wounds may haunt you now as a catalyst to force you to re-evaluate your own convictions and make adjustments to any limited beliefs from the past.

    You may find that a necessary corner can’t be turned or a bridge can’t be crossed until you gain the confidence you have lacked before. You may have to broaden your perspective but struggle to do so now. Be open to the influence of others who are trying to help you see beyond the ramifications of your own life now.

    Your wounds may be shared by others, yet you are not fully working to advance your cause unless you stop to take others’ points into consideration.

    Transiting Jupiter trine natal Chiron

    You may begin to feel like fortunate opportunities and chance connections are raining blessings on you left and right. That is because benevolent Jupiter is transiting Chiron and prompting you toward healing of deep inner wounds by embracing your ideals and confidence now.

    You may not imagine yourself to be a leader, philosopher and healer and yet because of your unique experiences and vision, you are placed into roles in which you empower and uplift others. Your past troubles are now the fuel that lead you to advocate for others and you find it easy to step up to the spotlight and make your vision known.

    You may have a big dream or plan and working through past wounds helps you share your message and inspire others on a grand scale now.

    Transiting Jupiter opposite natal Chiron

    Your big ideas and grand vision is suppressed by insecurities and past wounds that have not been resolved just yet. This is the perfect time to face the wounds and traumas that left you feeling insecure and alienated for your convictions.

    Until you do this task completely and honestly however you may see yourself as a martyr or take out your pain in self-righteousness, creating situations where you alienate yourself or become lost in grandiose ideas that are not realistic.

    If you do take this time as an opportunity to find greater wisdom and perspective by attending to healing your insecurities and wounds, however, you can become an inspiring leader and healer for others. You may also have a shift in perspective as your mind is now opened and you can see your situation in a more optimistic way.

    Transiting Jupiter quincunx natal Chiron

    It is now time to awaken to your greater calling and embrace your strengths as an influencer, leader and healer. You may have tried to play small and keep your gifts to yourself, or stifle your generous, philosophical and spiritual nature in order to fit in or not seem grandiose.

    Suppressing your unique perspective and ignoring the lessons of your past wounds will not help you now. This is an ideal time to own up to your calling and take responsibility for your role as a leader and healer because of your own experiences with past traumas or wounds.

    You may have to make adjustments to your vision or beliefs or widen your scope of understanding so that your strong convictions don’t limit your opportunity to serve in the way you were meant to.

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