Transiting Saturn on natal Chiron

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    Saturn-Chiron-Harm.jpg Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Chiron

    You may have a strong sense of responsibility and become highly sensitive to any limitations or restrictions on your path now. Past wounds and traumas are triggered by your present situation and you may feel duty bound to resolve unfinished business or attend to practical yet tedious aspects of your situation in order to move forward.

    This is a time to expect restrictions, limitations and to act with self-discipline as you work to build a solid foundation. Past wounds are invoked through this process though you are likely to feel refined and strengthened by adversity rather than feeling overwhelmed by it.

    Transiting Saturn sextile natal Chiron

    You have the potential to exercise greater self-discipline and work toward healing unresolved wounds now. No longer an abstract process, healing becomes a matter of practicality and your goals begin to materialize in realistic ways.

    This is an important time to harness self discipline and use your unique perspective to help others overcome your past wounds. You may have unresolved insecurities and try to delve into work or become an overachiever in an attempt to make up for past wounds. This can fuel your successes now as you overcome challenges. This helps you refine your goals.

    Wisdom from traditions and elders helps you shape your own understanding of your path as a wounded healer. Patience and persistence are your biggest strengths now and you are empowered to establish a solid foundation which helps you inspire others who are struggling with similar wounds.

    Transiting Saturn square natal Chiron

    This is a time of increased frustrations as your past wounds are triggered by current restrictions or limitations. You may find that your insecurities are triggered by unresolved wounds.

    Karmic issues resurface now and you may feel frustrated by inconvenient timing or by lack of resolution regardless of your effort and self-discipline. You may feel like you are fighting an uphill battle yet adjustments to your expectations are needed now.

    Be patient with the process. You need to set a solid foundation and in order to do so old traumas and past wounds need to be attended to.

    You may find motivation and momentum through frustrating issues now. Obstacles and hardships are helping to strengthen you now. This is an ideal time to use your strength, perseverance and fortitude to address unresolved insecurities and create stability for yourself and others in the future.

    Transiting Saturn trine natal Chiron

    Your sense of responsibility and strong work ethic help you to overcome past challenges and traumas now. You are given fortunate opportunities to create greater security and success in finance, career and business now. Your unique viewpoint and experience shaped by past wounds helps to give you an advantage now.

    You are able to step into leadership positions or manage complicated tasks now and others trust in you as a solid and reliable influence. You have much to offer as a guide and healer because of your past experiences even if you have not completely resolved past wounds.

    Karmic lessons arise now and timing is working in your favor. You are able to draw on your unique wisdom and may appear to have advanced knowledge and greater maturity because of your sensitivity to issues surrounding finances, security, business and tradition.

    You are in a unique position to create greater stability by addressing your own wounds and past wounds.

    Transiting Saturn opposite natal Chiron

    You have the potential to create a solid and stable foundation for healing past wounds and releasing Karmic issues now but first you must face up to and resolve deeper insecurities.

    You are likely to feel compelled to work through traumas related to the past or to elders in your life only to find that the timing is off. You may try to shirk important responsibilities and find that you are facing the same issues again and again until you own up to your role in a challenging situation.

    This is an ideal time to face inner fears and insecurities related to aging, past wounds, financial status or productivity. By facing and acknowledging limitations and responsibilities you are better able to make progress and find greater healing.

    Transiting Saturn quincunx natal Chiron

    This is an ideal time to work on past wounds related to being restricted or limited. You may need to make adjustments to your expectations and take responsibility for aspects of your past wounds and traumas.

    This is a challenging time in which you can step up to the challenge of owning your power and unique perspective. You have great wisdom and sensitivity to issues around being considered ‘productive’ and you have the potential to harness a strong work ethic.

    You can be serious and successful in business, finances, leadership and practical matters if you take the time and put the effort into resolving past traumas and wounds. Until this attention to past wounds is given, however, you will run the risk of repeating past mistakes and projecting the responsibility onto others as blame.

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