Transiting Neptune on natal Chiron


    Neptune-Chiron-Harm.jpg Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Chiron

    This is a time of great creativity, intuitive insights and emotional sensitivity. In particular, past wounds and traumas are triggered and you may experience deep longings for connection now.

    Your romantic, emotional, spiritual and mystical life all feed in to healing past wounds and traumas. Insecurities about abandonment and confusion may resurface now. You may be carried away by fantasies and the desire to escape from harsh reality.

    This can be a time of spiritual awakening, romantic infatuation or powerful expression of your imagination. Regardless of how your mystical and spiritual energy is brought to the surface, it can serve as a vehicle for powerful healing and transformation now.

    Transiting Neptune sextile natal Chiron

    You have a unique perspective on wounds and past traumas of others because of your own heightened sensitivity to emotional needs. Your empathy is strengthened now to the point of greater intuition.

    Those who have the love, sensitivity and creativity to help you work through past wounds may surface now as helpers, healers and guides. Likewise you have the potential to serve as an empathic and intuitive guide to those around you now.

    Compassion leads you to uncover and resolve past traumas and through your unique empathy for others’ pain you are able to serve as an example and mentor to those around you.

    Transiting Neptune square natal Chiron

    Your strong sense of creativity, intuition and empathy are instrumental to healing past wounds now. Confusion ensues when you try to avoid going deeper into the pain of your past wounds.

    Wishful thinking, escapism or addictions may be triggered now but will only further distract you or lead to ideas of grandeur or paranoia neither of which are grounded in reality.

    Instead, be open to using your creativity, intuition and spiritual connection in practical ways to work through past traumas and gain greater wisdom and a unique perspective based on empathy and not wishful thinking.

    Transiting Neptune trine natal Chiron

    Your creativity and intuition are heightened now and your sense of spiritual connection and mystical interests create a strong channel for healing and transformation. You may stand out to others as a healer and guide in part because of your own past wounds.

    You may have a strong sensitivity to and empathy with those who are craving deeper connection and you are able to draw on your spiritual beliefs and compassion as a nurturing and creative healer now.

    By addressing the wounds of those who are drawn to you now you are also working to resolve your own past wounds. You have great sensitivity and compassion for others and easily attract those who need to learn from your perspective. While helping others you are also finding your own strength as a healer.

    Transiting Neptune opposite natal Chiron

    You have the potential to be a compassionate and sensitive healer now.

    If you aren’t careful you may let your past insecurities and fears get the better of you. If this happens you may go to lengths to avoid dealing with your own and others’ pain. You may also become codependent on others or drawn to the role of healer without taking responsibility for your own wounds.

    This is also a time when you may get stuck in the martyr role, sacrificing yourself with the intention of helping others. Instead of being of service, this pattern has more to do with keeping yourself and others stuck in unempowered roles in your relationships.

    Channel your compassion and creativity without getting stuck in martyrdom and self-deprecation now and you will have much greater success accomplishing your mission.

    Transiting Neptune quincunx natal Chiron

    This is an important time for you to potentially come to terms with your potential as a healer and guide for others.

    In order to fully appreciate your own power as a creative, compassionate and intuitive person, you must first become comfortable with these aspects of yourself.

    Rather than avoiding or seeking escape from your past wounds, this is an important time to go deeper into your own healing. Let creativity or spiritual practices lead you to face and work through your emotional wounds.

    In doing so you become a role model for others who recognize your sensitivity and wisdom. Your unique perspective as a healer is built on your past experiences with your own traumas and pain.

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