Transiting Pluto on natal Chiron

    By 12andus

    Pluto-Chiron-Harm.jpg Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Chiron

    This is an intense time of powerful connection to your inner wisdom when it comes to healing others.

    Your own unresolved wounds revolving around authority, control and power are dredged to the surface. As a result you have the opportunity to face your own pain and difficulties and emerge as a leader for others.

    You are drawn to opportunities to get to the bottom of wounds and traumas from the past even if you do so vicariously through others. You may emerge as an authority for others struggling with their own feelings of disempowerment or wounds related to loss, mortality or sexuality.

    Your unique perspective on power, transformation and status help you guide others as you find your own healing in the process.

    Transiting Pluto sextile natal Chiron

    You have the potential to find great healing and transformation now and dealing with your own past wounds helps you stand apart as a guide and healer for others.

    You may have the opportunity to step into your own power and have a positive influence on others who are drawn to you because of your self-determination and wisdom.

    Your unique perspective and sense of authority draw those to you who need to find healing, independence and empowerment. By helping to uplift others you are also healing your own past wounds.

    You may find your strength through transformation, acceptance of grief and loss or through digging deeper beneath the surface and accepting the truth of your past wounds now.

    Transiting Pluto square natal Chiron

    Your path to healing and transformation is detoured by power struggles and refusal to let go.

    You may become more frustrated with others now as you feel compelled to maintain control and authority in spite of needing to let go more than ever now.

    Healing your past traumas means challenging your assumptions about control, power and authority. You may be embroiled in a power struggle with others and this is a distraction from you finding your own sense of power.

    Be open to refining your views and embracing inner power rather than trying to control others or situations around you now.

    Transiting Pluto trine natal Chiron

    You have the potential for powerful transformation now. This can be an intense time in which you clear the path ahead by facing the truth about past wounds and traumas and embracing dramatic change.

    You may be called to accept losses and let go of aspects of life, relationships or roles that you held on to as measures of security and control in the past. Facing the true sources of your power and autonomy rather than clinging to money, status or other external or constructed situations associated with power will go a long way to helping you resolve past wounds now.

    At the same time that you are clearing the slate and creating dramatic change in your own life you are also showing unique perspective and authority as a healer, leader or guide for others.

    Transiting Pluto opposite natal Chiron

    You are close to releasing past wounds and gaining deeper understanding of past traumas but you must first overcome power struggles and unresolved losses from the past.

    This is an intense time during which you may battle to hold on to people or situations that you believe give you power. Any illusions about power, authority or control are challenged at the core now. This can trigger any unresolved wounds related to past losses, unresolved grief, trauma and other wounds.

    As you come closer to understanding the truth about your own power and sort through the illusions that may have sufficed in the past, you are closer to finding greater healing and power. Others look to you as an example and role model and you are able to help guide others through their own dramatic transformations.

    Transiting Pluto quincunx natal Chiron

    You have the ability to step into your own power now and use your unique perspective and authority to help heal others now.

    In order to clear past traumas and come to understand the truth regarding old wounds it is imperative that you embrace and accept your true sources of power now.

    If you avoid this task, you may become distracted and confused, obsessively chasing the trappings of power and control and feeding into addictions and compulsions. Rather than looking to money, status or relationships as markers of control, you will find greater power though letting go and embracing deep, personal transformation now.

    You have the potential to resolve losses and find new perspective that you can use to lead and heal those around you while also contributing to your own growth and empowerment.

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