Transiting Chiron on natal Moon

By 12andus

Moon-Chiron-Harm.jpg Transiting Chiron conjunct natal Moon

Your intuition and emotional wounds are intertwined with your need for inner healing at this time. You are likely to feel emotionally triggered but the very situations that elicit an emotional response can also be a source of deeper introspection and go deeper into your own healing.

You are deeply emotionally connected to those who can provide the nurturing that aids in your deeper healing now. Old feelings of abandonment or that you had to nurture yourself into power resurface now but can also provide important perspective and opportunity to lead others.

Transiting Chiron sextile natal Moon

You easily attract people and opportunities aiding in your healing of deeper emotional wounds now. You are likely to attract potential healers and mirrors reflecting back the sources of your emotional insecurities and underlying fears.

You are likely to find nurturing outlets all around you because of your unique sensitivity to emotional needs of others and in responding to those around you, you find healing and connection as well.

This is an ideal time to gain security both in relationships and in business and finances. You may create a stronger sense of family or have opportunities to heal deep wounds related to family now.

Transiting Chiron square natal Moon

This is a challenging time for you as you may feel insecure about your connections to family and loved ones. Fears and anxieties are easily triggered now and if channeled appropriately, these feelings can drive you forward and help you to succeed.

You can overcome past traumas related to abandonment, family losses or feeling like you didn’t fit in with family, however this will be a key time to face your inner fears and work through doubts that arise from unresolved traumas.

You may have to face facts and acknowledge that not every compulsion or obsession is your intuition. Sometimes its unresolved feelings gnawing away at you and causing confusion. This is a good time to find clarity and work on healing the underlying cause of emotional distress.

Transiting Chiron trine natal Moon

Trust your gut and follow your feelings. You currently have the opportunity to find greater healing and release past traumas but it will be essential for you to be open to walking wherever your intuition takes you, even alongside the road less traveled.

You easily attract partners, friends and mentors whose wounds may match your own. Your perspective may be different because your unique circumstances have helped you arrive in this critical place and time to have a significantly positive and nurturing impact on others.

You may overcome past traumas that led you to doubt your intuition or blocks to receiving nurturing from others. This is an important time for gaining perspective and wisdom from family or redefine family or security.

Transiting Chiron opposite natal Moon

This is a time of frustration and potential growth and breakthroughs that come after some reckoning with your inner wounds. Past experiences of emotional neglect or abuse resurface now and insecurities that make you feel separated from family and close loved ones may once again trigger your feelings of isolation.

This is a critical time to take a new perspective and integrate lessons from the past. Wounds regarding nurturing, love, security and trusting your intuition can be addressed and healed now but only if you resist the urge to project these wounds on to others.

Instead focus on integrating the different aspects of yourself, find ways to nurture and comfort yourself so that you can be a beacon to others.

Transiting Chiron quincunx natal Moon

This is an important time to make adjustments to your routines involving emotional validation and self-nurturing. You may have to invent or re-invent your concept of family and fine tune your concept of security as well.

Following default mode will only lead you back to old wounds that have not been resolved. You will have an opportunity to embrace healing on a deeper level now if you pay attention.

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