Transiting Chiron on natal Mercury


    Mercury-Chiron-Harm.jpg Transiting Chiron conjunct natal Mercury

    This is a key time for epiphanies. New doors to communication will open up now. Old wounds and unresolved insecurities about having your voice heard and ideas validated will resurface again now. You may feel like you are once again being forced to contend with past doubts.

    Returning to the drawing board to re-examine your plan and vision are required now but you easily spot your own blind spots and issues you overlooked. You are likely to have to rethink assumptions you had before.

    Past traumas and wounds can have a big impact on how you communicate and think now and you may have to figure out puzzling situations for yourself. Doing so will bring unique perspective that will be beneficial to you and others.

    Transiting Chiron sextile natal Mercury

    Books you read and discussions you have may spark greater understanding and appreciation of deeper unhealed wounds. You can change your perspective now with the help of mentors or friends who help listen to your unique views.

    You may feel like no one understands or feel that it is difficult to express yourself but this is a powerful time to focus on writing and speaking from the heart. You may be surprised to find resolution to past traumas related to your ideas and sense of social connection.

    Transiting Chiron square natal Mercury

    You may be feeling friction to express views that you are also insecure about. Fearing you will be misheard or suffering the effects of miscommunications, tension is on the rise now.

    You are likely to have the opportunity to develop new insight and greater healing now as well. Trying to sort through your insecurities and beliefs about your intelligence and find validation for your unique views can be challenging now.

    Yet this is also an important time to work through obstacles and overcome insecurities so that you can get your voice heard.

    Transiting Chiron trine natal Mercury

    This is a fortunate time to have your unique perspective heard and appreciated by others. You have easier opportunities to expand your ideas and get your message across.

    Writing, speaking and attaining new knowledge through classes or research is beneficial to you and aids in your healing process now. Opportunities for healing and greater understanding or to learn new ways to express your ideas in a healing way that helps you open doors for others’ healing as well.

    Refresh your focus, adapt your thinking and take on a new perspective now. Lessons may be learned by adapting to new information and this will help open your eyes to worlds you were unaware of. You may become a spokesperson for wounds or traumas with which you have personal experience.

    Transiting Chiron opposite natal Mercury

    This can be a stressful time for you as you may feel your voice isn’t heard. This triggers past wounds and patterns having to do with not being heard or understood or feeling like your thought process alienated you from others and set you apart.

    You may have the opportunity to examine your thought process and recognize inconsistencies and nuances rather than getting trapped into all-or-nothing thinking.

    Step back and look at ways to reconcile opposing beliefs. What you think may not be reflected in what you say, and this may stem from past wounds. Take time to use your expressive gifts to help you make sense of and heal these past wounds.

    Transiting Chiron quincunx natal Mercury

    This is an ideal time to make adjustments to how you think and what you believe so that you can work through unresolved wounds from the past. You are likely to encounter lessons involving reconsidering your thought process and bringing your message and communication style into alignment with your mission.

    You may have gone to extremes of zealous indoctrination into one ideology then another. This is a time to settle on the middle ground and to take what is most valuable for healing yourself and others.

    You may work through past fears and insecurities and express yourself in a more powerful way now, seeking opportunities to teach, speak or publish your written work.

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