Transiting Chiron on natal Venus

By 12andus

Venus-Chiron-Harm.jpg Transiting Chiron conjunct natal Venus

There is an intimate connection between past wounds and present relationship lessons now. You may find yourself in a familiar pattern with someone you love or care about and this is a great time to draw from your strengths and unique perspective in order to heal yourself and empower this relationship.

You may also have to face a challenge in relationship or related to self worth which is triggered by past wounds. This is an ideal time to focus on expressing love for yourself and others and showing who and what you value based on your daily actions and decisions.

Transiting Chiron sextile natal Venus

Relationships and romantic interests may be vehicles for strengthening your commitment to what you value. Though old wounds may be triggered or old patterns rehashed now, you will find a much smoother process of reconciling past traumas or wounds to self-worth.

Friends and loved ones help remind you of your value and through the connection to others you may begin to see your beauty and unique gifts in a new way.

This is a time to nurture your relationships in a practical way and to nurture yourself as a top priority.

Transiting Chiron square natal Venus

Unresolved wounds from the past may trigger insecurities related to self-worth now. You may convince yourself that friends or loved ones don’t really value you or you may even struggle to not sabotage important relationships.

If you are reacting to past traumas and wounds without taking the time for deeper insight you may give in to inner insecurities and drama in your relationships may result. You may convince yourself that conflicts are a sign that a relationship is ‘not meant to be’ or you may become fixated on jealousies or fears of losing a relationship.

Recognize this as a byproduct of inner unresolved wounds related to your self worth and not as a valid indicator of others’ opinions of you.

With insight and effort, relationships can become stronger and become a motivator for healing now.

Transiting Chiron trine natal Venus

Your relationships become powerful beacons for healing and transformation through relationships. You are likely to connect with significant people now and these relationships are powerful vehicles for deeper healing.

You find the support, compassion and understanding you need now so that you can address past wounds and traumas that effected your self-worth. You can find deeper appreciation for your inner beauty and relationships that are healing and loving can blossom now.

Transiting Chiron opposite natal Venus

You can feel the tension between your desire for admiration and approval from others and your need to work through past wounds that damaged your sense of self-worth.

You may have to decide between a relationship that hinders your healing and growth and choosing a path that is in your own best interest. You may have to deal with past wounds related to what or who you value. A relationship or situation you thought was solid and stable may prove to not be so.

This is an important time to sort out what glitters from what is truly gold. A relationship you may have undervalued can take center stage now and likewise a relationship you have placed great value on may prove to not be as supportive of your growth and healing as you need.

Transiting Chiron quincunx natal Venus

You may need to adjust your values as you now realize you’ve been placing your faith and energy into relationships and situations that don’t support your own best interests. This is an ideal time to gain clarity about how past wounds have influenced your decisions in romantic and other relationships.

You may be acting out of a subconscious need for validation or approval rather than seeking relationships that are truly nurturing.

Accepting the truth about your relationship choices can bring greater clarity and healing with regard to your own self-worth and value. You may begin to sort out distractions and sabotaging patterns and stay true to what is most important to your healing and growth now.

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