Transiting Chiron on natal Pluto

By 12andus

Pluto-Chiron-Harm.jpg Transiting Chiron conjunct natal Pluto

This is a powerful and intense time and past wounds and traumas will be heightened and accentuated now. How past wounds and traumas led you to feel disempowered is the central question now. You may have opportunities to find your own authoritative voice now.

You are easily able to influence others and your sense of direction, focus and purpose are tied in with past wounds and traumas now. Traumatic losses, issues regarding wounds to sexuality, power, mortality and transformation are all highlighted now.

This is an important time to trust your intuition and find your unique style of leadership and influence now.

You may have intimate reminders of the impact of loss but also the ability to usher in significant personal transformation as a result of significant losses.

Transiting Chiron sextile natal Pluto

This is a time of remarkable and intense revelations. Deeper truths arise to the surface now. You will have the opportunity to pierce beneath your illusions and become empowered through pursuit of the truth.

Transformation is afoot and there is no need to resist the powerful initiation on the horizon. All you need to do is surrender to the process and you will find all you need to usher in this powerful transformation.

This is an important time when intense healing energy will help you find your voice, your power, your authority. Be open to hidden secrets or past wounds re-emerging now. Don’t back down from the intense work that needs to be done now. Addressing past wounds will ultimately be healing and come as a relief to you.

Transiting Chiron square natal Pluto

This may feel like a time of intensity, tension and power struggles. What you desire is in conflict with unhealed past wounds and traumas. You have the opportunity to use this friction as motivation to get to the core truths beneath the surface. Doing so will help you find healing and empowerment, introducing radical transformation.

You may be fighting to hang on to that which is keeping you stuck or sick. Resisting loss now may also result in you resisting important aspects of your personal healing, initiation and growth.

You are able to delve deeper to get at the core fears and insecurities that are blocking you but facing the truth can involve harsh lessons now.

Transiting Chiron trine natal Pluto

It is much easier for you to face the truth now. Even if deeper, buried secrets are revealed, you are likely to feel relief at the opportunity to unburden yourself and release old baggage.

Past wounds and traumas related to power, focus and status can be healed effectively now, leaving you with a greater sense of authority and autonomy than you had before. This is a powerful time to reclaim your sexuality, voice, independence and power.

Issues of power in its many forms, including financial power, are in the spotlight now and breaking free from past fears and insecurities will require you to release what is weighing you down. You may redefine yourself as an expert or authority now or emerge as a leader because of overcoming your own past wounds.

Transiting Chiron opposite natal Pluto

This is an intense time in which you are called to face your shadow and may literally feel like you are facing off with all your biggest fears.

Your insecurities and past wounds bubble up to the surface now and there is no way to tiptoe around the truth. This is a time of reckoning but the truth will set you free.

Going deep beneath the surface to deal with unresolved issues can be painful now but is important. How you deal with power, status and the need to be in control will depend on how much of your past wounds and fears you have become conscious of.

Transiting Chiron quincunx natal Pluto

All of the ways you swing from one extreme to the other trying to maintain control or avoid surrendering power will require attention now.

Ultimately you’ll find yourself settling on a more empowering, more honest middle ground where you can acknowledge past wounds, learn from hidden fears and resolve past insecurities. You may feel uncomfortable with power or authority even if the status is deserved. Take this time to come to accept your unique gifts as a leader.

This can be a time for you to rise to the occasion and find empowerment and authority but it will require greater adjustment.

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