Transiting Chiron on natal True Lunar Node

True Lunar Node-Chiron-Harm.jpg Transiting Chiron conjunct natal True Lunar Node

This is a powerful time to learn, grow and expand in new directions. Past wounds and traumas may fuel a desire to seek greater wisdom or new perspective. There will be opportunities to gain clarity regarding your purpose and destiny as it relates to our past wounds as well now.

Any frustrations or friction arising now is an indicator that you have strayed from your path as a healer or guide to others. Your unique purpose may stand out to you now and past hardships or difficulty accepting your unique journey will be understood in a new light.

You may be connected with others that need to learn from your experiences and wisdom now as well. Be open to sharing your path to healing with those you encounter.

Transiting Chiron sextile natal True Lunar Node

This is an important time for connections with people who open new doors for you. Your purpose and unique spiritual gifts align now.

Past wounds or traumas give you unique insight into deeper truths that come to the surface now. You may be a more effective guide for others because of your unique trials and tribulations and because of hardships you’ve overcome in the past.

This may feel like a time of great awakening for you and presents opportunities as ‘teachers’ offering important lessons about your calling and gifts as a healer and leader. Past wounds left unresolved will resurface and help guide you toward your destiny.

Transiting Chiron square natal True Lunar Node

This may be a time of frustration as you feel friction between your perceived path and overall destiny.

You may be required to extend beyond your comfort zone in some significant way yet feel incapable of breaking out of past patterns. It takes greater effort to break the rules and go against the grain now even if this is exactly what is needed.

You are likely to receive push back from those around you who will not enable you to play small now. Your past wounds and traumas related to purpose and identity can be triggered now but it is best to let these triggers show you where changes can be made. It is possible to align with your greater purpose now as long as you are willing to take risks and trust your intuition.

Transiting Chiron trine natal True Lunar Node

Major shifts are underway and you may find yourself easily falling into step with bigger transitions and transformation now. You easily attract helpers, guides and teachers now as well.

Your unique perspective derived from past wounds helps you to understand the path you must take toward growth and success. This is an ideal time for you to come out of your shell and stretch beyond your limits. Barriers from the past fall away now and you easily overcome limitations regardless of your past wounds.

Your path to healing and spiritual growth overlaps your path to reaching your goals and fulfilling your purpose and this becomes more evident now.

Transiting Chiron opposite natal True Lunar Node

Past wounds and old traumas resurface now and can potentially distract you from fulfilling your mission. Battling insecurities related to your purpose and mission will do more to undermine your success than simply embracing your true nature, warts and all.

This is an important time to find healing and integration on a deeper level. You are likely to have to revisit old lessons or wounds in order to successfully move through emotional, energetic or spiritual baggage that has kept you stuck.

By doing this, you are able to find your unique path and proceed toward your destiny. Trust the overall process. Hiding from insecurities or uncomfortable feelings will not make them go away. Projecting your wounds onto others will not free you of them, only facing them and working to rise above them will.

Transiting Chiron quincunx natal True Lunar Node

You are being shown the path to your destiny and also the path to healing your past wounds, yet you may be fundamentally uncomfortable with taking responsibility for both. The more you resist accepting your gifts, the more conflict and tension is created.

You are able find middle ground at this time and may have to experience swings to extremes as you explore your intuition and sense of purpose now. Lear from past wounds but don’t let the weight of past traumas bear down on your shoulders now.

You can gain recognition as a healer and leader as soon as you become willing to take this initiative yourself.

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