Chiron transiting in the natal houses

PlanHouse-Chiron-House12.jpg Chiron transiting in the 1st house

You have a unique sensitivity to issues of self-esteem and personal expression during this time. You may be more sensitive to the power of creativity and self-expression as healing forces.

You have opportunities to step up as a leader and your influence is especially helpful in situations where you need to show others how to find empowerment and self-acceptance for their unique talents.

Unresolved wounds or recurring issues can trigger your fears of inadequacy and you may try too hard to establish yourself as a leader. You may feel the need to overcompensate for illness, traumas or insecurities related to your sense of identity and power.

You may have to assert your independence by following unusual paths and honoring your unique vision.

Chiron transiting in the 2nd house

You are keenly aware of the power of wounds to self-worth and your unique perspective shapes how others understand value both of themselves, others and material possessions during this time.

You are intuitively aware of the importance of physical comfort and pleasure as aspects of healing. Epiphanies regarding your self-worth may lead you to change your attitude toward money, budgeting or spending. You may indulge more than usual or patiently work toward financial goals that enhance your sense of purpose and value.

During this time you are likely to come to appreciate your inner beauty or make changes to your health routines, appearance, wardrobe or financial plans that support your unique sensitivity to beauty and desire for comfort and security.

Chiron transiting in the 3rd house

You may gain heightened awareness of the healing power of words, communication, writing and speaking during this time.

You may be asked to teach or write about your own past wounds and recovery process. You are tuned in to the experiences of others and their wounds related to communication and being heard and understood.

You may be reminded of past traumas related to being misunderstood or ignored or to feeling insufficient because of your mindset or thinking process. Any challenges that you face regarding communication, comprehension, memory or social acceptance can trigger inner fears or insecurities. This is an ideal time to work on coming to terms with your unique perspective and intuitive, unusual knowledge of language, communication and obscure knowledge.

You may feel socially awkward or have difficulty processing or explaining yourself when it comes to certain subjects but during this time your challenges become a strength. You may draw on past experiences with communication wounds as a way to bond with and help others, for example.

Chiron transiting in the 4th house

During this time you are likely to have to come to terms with past wounds involving family, security and your sense of home. You may be triggered by unresolved losses from the past or from unresolved issues from childhood.

Your sensitivity to others’ need for security and emotional comfort is heightened during this time. It is also a good time to show your empathy and trust your intuition.

You may have difficulty nurturing yourself and feel disconnected from others during this time however finding your own method of soothing your emotions will help you put past wounds into perspective and will help you become a more nurturing caretaker for others.

You may start to appreciate the point of view of maternal figures or elders in your family during this time as well. This is an important time to find your unique sense of security and family. You may have to create your own feeling of home and safety or adopt others as surrogate family.

Chiron transiting in the 5th house

This is an ideal time to work on expressing yourself through creative means in order to heal past wounds. You may have a more optimistic attitude than usual, even when it comes to dealing with past wounds.

This is a good time to heal wounds to your inner child and draw on your playful side to connect with those who need your optimism and healing. You may have to face past wounds related to childhood, difficulty with conception, or difficulty finding your creativity. If you’ve stifled your creativity in the past or have been told that you aren’t artistic, created or gifted, during this time you have the opportunity to find your own unique path to reclaiming your power through these methods.

Chiron transiting in the 6th house

During this time you can find healing through attending to details in your routines. Daily tasks will help you align with your desire to be of service to others.

You may be extra sensitive to changes in routine, schedules, health routines, dietary changes or changes in your daily work during this time. Revisions and adjustments may work toward your greater healing during this time.

You may be sensitive to control issues or feel the need to be prepared for any possible situation. This is an important time to find your own unique path to being of service. Following the traditional path to work or following a conventional schedule may not work for you during this time.

You may have to make adaptations to the details of your routines and health care practices in order to accommodate your unique path during this time.

Chiron transiting in the 7th house

Your intuition and sensitivity toward the needs of partners and significant others is heightened during this time. Your empathy is easily triggered during this time.

You may be more sensitive to past heartache or perception of abandonment, or have to resolve past insecurities related to partnership, trust and love. Past wounds related to rejection, being alone or codependency in relationships need to be addressed now.

Likewise, you may have to forge an unusual path to finding a deep and meaningful partnership or finding a soul mate. This is an ideal time to focus on overcoming issues related to dependency but also to learn to be vulnerable and open in romantic relationships.

Chiron transiting in the 8th house

Your confidence and sense of authority and power are heightened during this time. You have the capacity to initiate dramatic transformation in your own life and to become a catalyst for transformation in the lives of others as well.

You may have to come to terms with any issues of dependency or obsession with others and reclaim your own inner power by facing deeper truths about your healing process during this time.

Learning to manage authority and power are highlighted during this time. You may have to face fears of death or of loss, grief or losing control. Past wounds related to sexuality, loss, change or letting go are also brought to the forefront during this time.

Chiron transiting in the 9th house

Your sense of spirituality and ideology can either be triggers or doorways to greater healing during this time. You may have to overcome insecurities related to your higher wisdom and understanding.

Likewise, you may become more sensitive to the power of optimism and limitlessness that comes from dealing with past wounds. Others may be looking to you as a leader, guru or mentor at this time.

You may forge a unique path to connecting with your sense of spirituality and finding your higher ideals. You may also have a greater sensitivity to those from distant lands and different cultures, feeling like you have a common bond or common wound with those who have been scapegoated or who are in need of an advocate.

This is a good time to work on resolving wounds related to spiritual, healing or legal institutions and coming to accept an unconventional sense of justice, healing and divinity.

Chiron transiting in the 10th house

Past wounds make you sensitive to issues regarding productivity, reputation and public image. You may have to work to resolve a detour or insecurities in your professional life.

This is also a good time to align your professional goals with your needs for greater healing or to inspire the healing and transformation of others. You may have a unique sense of career and your public image may be influenced by past wounds or special knowledge of difficult or traumatic situations.

You may become a spokesperson, business person or leader who is highly influenced by your pains and past wounds. You have the ability to lead others by example and to use your platform to uplift others and help them heal from similar wounds.

Chiron transiting in the 11th house

This is a time to be open to unexpected changes and miraculous or dramatic circumstances. During this time you may be called to face and resolve past wounds related to belonging, acceptance, individualism and identity. At the same time you may need to come to terms with your unique intuition and world view.

You can’t expect your path to follow tradition or to be confined to the conventions and formulas that have worked for others. Instead, be open to unusual experiences. Your intuition and unconventional style are the keys to healing and to being an inspiration for others during this time.

You may feel compelled to get involved in grassroots groups, organizing, humanitarian causes and innovative technologies that can help others find healing.

Chiron transiting in the 12th house

This can be a powerful time of transformation and healing on an emotional and spiritual level. You are likely to feel compelled to work through past wounds that have led to confinement or feelings of separation from others.

By healing insecurities and fears you may be in a position to help others even as you are resolving your own past wounds. Traumas and insecurities related to escapism, fantasies, addictions or codependency are likely to be triggered during this time.

You will have to see through illusions and come to terms with unclear truths but trusting your deeper intuition and accessing your spiritual connection and artistic views, you can rise above your limitations. You may have a unique path to establishing yourself as a leader but the key is to trust your compassion and intuition during this time.

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