Lilith in Leo, Lilith in Virgo, Lilith in Libra, Lilith in Scorpio

lilith.png Lilith in Leo

You are confident, creative and have a huge and generous heart but you demand a certain level of recognition and praise.

When your efforts to take charge are undermined, you will unleash your lion’s roar and you become a force to be reckoned with.

You are confident in your instincts and this adds power to your rebellious nature. You don’t respond well to anyone trying to change your nature, limit your power or squash your creativity.

When you feel like others are trying to make you conform to their standards, you can unleash a torrent of rage. You also reserve this deep seated anger for anyone who fails to show you appreciation and admiration for your efforts.

Not only do you demand your freedom but you also insist on remaining in control and in the lead. You will make sure your unique personality is not stifled by those in authority.

Lilith in Virgo

You pride yourself on remaining in control at all costs. Yet you’re human and when you are pushed to your breaking point, a deeper inner instinct for revenge and rebellion can take over.

When it does, you find calculated way to outmaneuver your adversary in practical ways. You won’t make a fool of yourself by screaming, nor are you likely to become violent. Instead you’ll express your deeper rage by trying even harder to assert control.

Your methods for doing this are planned and organized, not haphazard. In fact, you may try to avoid giving in to your wild nature by instead focusing on trying to control every aspect of your life. You can be practical and will insist on following your own routines.

The unfortunate person who makes the mistake of interfering with your sense of order or messes up your schedule will receive your rage, though it will come across like a million tiny pin-pricks rather than a tidal wave of passion.

Lilith in Libra

You try to remain balanced at all times and seek harmony rather than conflict. Yet when conflict is unavoidable, your inner rage comes forward.

Your rage is seldom stoked because of selfishness. Instead, your rage is linked to witnessing oppression or unfair treatment of others.

Your instincts and deeper passions can be triggered by anyone trying to confine or interfere with your sense of balance. When others are treated unfairly you may lash out in a way that seems otherwise out of character.

You can be rebellious and align with partners or friends who are not accepted by mainstream society. You may become jealous or possessive in partnerships or treat sexuality or affairs as a way to take control over others. You are seductive and charming and may use flirtation or sexuality to get or keep the attention of others.

Lilith in Scorpio

You are intense and drawn to power. You won’t relinquish control to anyone and will fight to the finish to make sure your core needs are protected. You aren’t swayed by the influence of others.

You can be obsessive and jealous and may easily feel threatened by any imposition on your territory. You keep your rage carefully suppressed in a slow simmer but you can be stubborn and hold on to old conflicts. When others betray you, you will find ways to strike right into the heart of your opponent even if it takes years to get even.

You are passionate about your sense of right and wrong and can be charming and seductive but also deeply rageful and vengeful. You can use your anger to bring about powerful transformation but can also rattle the cage and intimidate others because of your intensity.

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