Lilith in the houses: In what life area do I show my rebellious side?

Lilith-12-Harm.jpg Lilith in the 1st house

When Lilith is in the First House, you have the potential to be overprotective of your personal image but also misguided in your efforts to protect yourself from being controlled by others.

You may have an intense appearance and when you’re in a rage there’s no concealing it. You are ambitious and passionate. When you don’t get the final say or when you feel your independence is being intruded upon, you will lash out and fight to assert your willpower.

You may have deep emotional instincts to win and a competitive streak that can lead you to cut down your adversaries no matter the costs. You can be dramatic and have no problem flaunting your strength, confidence or sexuality.

Lilith in the 2nd house

When Lilith is in your Second House, you may feel the need to fight to protect what you value. Your income or material security may not have come easily and it will enrage you to have your livelihood threatened.

You don’t want to cause controversy and usually try to avoid losing control of your emotions. Yet when you are pushed past your limits it will be known far and wide. You’ll unleash long suppressed rage.

You are sensual and passionate and can use your appearance and financial standing to try to control others. You can be persistent and stubborn at times but will fight tooth and nail to protect your interests.

You won’t allow anyone else to intrude on your boundaries and will rebel against anyone who challenges your security or stability.

Lilith in the 3rd house

You may have to struggle against those who try to suppress your ideas. You won’t be controlled, though and will use your intellect to express your deeper rage. You can be flirty and seductive, taking a playful approach to sexuality.

You may seem optimistic and witty but there is an edge to your humor and your sarcasm comes through. You are focused on your passions and will defend your independence and freedom. You won’t let anyone censor you and you may be passionate about freedom of expression and push the boundaries just to prove that you can.

You have a huge appetite for knowledge and may be an avid reader and constant student. You can be prone to channeling your anger into manipulative communication, gossip or playing mind games with others.

Lilith in the 4th house

With Lilith in the Fourth House brings the potential to intuitively sense others’ feelings and potentially use this as a weapon rather than to uplift others. Your early life experiences may have involved exposure to a toxic family or chaos in the household.

As a result, it may be difficult for you to ever feel ‘settled’ at home. You may have an inner restlessness making you feel insecure. Your unhealed rage and instincts can cause you to recreate early life drama in adult relationships.

You may feel disconnected from your early caretakers, especially strained relationship with your mother. You may try to nurture others only to feel deeply insecure or fear abandonment. You may feel compelled to rebel against those who are your closest allies and those who share your home.

Lilith in the 5th house

Lilith in the Fifth House may be haunted by a sense of being an outcast even from childhood. Your desire to express yourself and be true to your individuality may be at odds with what is expected from you.

You may feel your creativity and individual skills are stifled or underappreciated. You can go into a rage when you feel others are criticizing you or stifling your potential. You may be fiercely competitive but also never feel like enough is enough, especially when it comes to praise and recognition.

You may have had to fight to be recognized or validated as an individual or had to struggle for your unique talents to be appreciated and promoted. You may have robust sexual energy and pursue flirtations and affairs that can sabotage your deeper desire for relationships with others.

Lilith in the 6th house

You may have a great deal of conflict and turmoil in your daily routines. You thrive when you can set your own pace and create routines around your personal needs and emotional tides.

You may experience tumultuous challenges related to securing work or frequently face job loss or turbulence. You try to contain your rage and remain rational yet you hold on to every detail of every conversation and have a catalog of past resentments.

You may save these facts and details for a special occasion when you can retaliate. You have a deep and instinctive need to be in control and will hold on to control at all costs.

You need to have your independence and will rebel against workplaces or other settings or structures that are too confining or suppress your skills and intellect.

Lilith in the 7th house

You are constantly being reminded of your Shadow self through your relationships thanks to Lilith in the Seventh House. Your strongest anger triggers are those issues that you haven’t managed in yourself but which are mirrored to you through others.

You may be attracted to people who are actually toxic for you. Rather than recognizing the chaos in your partnerships, though, you are likely to ignore the red flags and try to control or change your partner.

Ironically, you will rebel against any attempt to be confined or controlled by others. You may try to suppress your rage and wild urges or channel this energy through sexuality. You are likely to both fear abandonment but also rage against anyone who gets too close.

Lilith in the 8th house

With Lilith in your Eighth House, you are drawn uncontrollably to matters of power and crave control. You can’t help seeking out wealth and opportunity even amidst chaos and challenges.

On the one hand, you can transform the worst of traumas into the best of opportunities. On the other hand you can become addicted to drama and recreate traumatic situations until you learn how to heal from your past.

You may use sexuality as a way to manipulate others and to exert control or get your way in relationships. You can be irresistible and magnetically attractive to others, yet also drawn to edgy or toxic people.

You may rebel against those who would actually benefit you if you perceive their support or alliance as too controlling or threatening your personal power or gain. Potential business partnerships or opportunities to share wealth can be hampered by the deep desire to be in control even in a collaboration.

Lilith in the 9th house

You have an intense desire for pleasure and freedom thanks to Lilith in the Ninth House. Your appetite for sexual exploration is insatiable.

You need to make sure your ideological beliefs are respected at all times. If you feel you are being ostracized or stifled in any way because of your beliefs or ideals you can become vicious as you push back against anyone trying to infringe on your independence.

While you won’t be preached to by others, you may become zealous and insist on imposing your views on others. You may also have to contend with sorting through toxic or misinformed elements in your ideological and spiritual beliefs as you come to understand your higher wisdom and separate this from your instincts and unhealed anger.

Lilith in the 10th house

With Lilith in the Tenth House, you can be quite serious and cynical. Your sense of humor can be sarcastic. Your dark and edgy personality catches the attention of a broad audience.

You may be quirky or known for being cynical or perpetually pessimistic. In fact your reputation can both help and hinder your career path and broader success. You may try to keep your outrage and deeper instincts on a slow simmer rather than being open about your feelings.

Though you try to remain in control and keep your reactions subdued, you will disconnect from anyone who tries to influence or confine you. You’re no stranger to hardship and you may flaunt your challenges.

You deeply desire success and status and you may equate suffering with earning your place in business or career path. You may fight to rebel against anyone who would infringe on your success but also mismanage your own attempts to structure your life or set solid foundations for yourself.

Lilith in the 11th house

Lilith in your Eleventh House brings complications to your social and group affiliations. You may underestimate or misconstrue your role in social movements. This can lead to misunderstandings.

You can be intense and erratic. You aren’t afraid to test the waters and shock those around you. In fact your instincts will automatically take you to the most extreme position. You are rebellious and insist on having free range and independence. You won’t tolerate anyone confining you or limiting your ideas.

You can channel your deeper rage toward humanitarian issues. You can be explosive and your sexual interests may be shocking. You may become zealous about your beliefs.

It frustrates you when others will not let go of conventions no matter what. You often feel as if you have to rattle the cage and say what no one else is willing to say.

Lilith in the 12th house

With Lilith in your Twelfth House you can be misguided about spirituality and face rough challenges regarding healing. You won’t let anyone cling to you.

You’re compassionate but also self-preserving. Lilith protects you from some of the aspects of Twelfth House such as self-sacrifice and martyrdom. You can be intensely driven to pursue creative, artistic and spiritual interests.

You may fight to suppress your own healing by denying or minimizing past traumas or wounds. In doing so, however, you only set yourself up for future emotional overload and upsets. When your wounds are triggered, you may react with intensity and rage.

You will have to contend with the need for deep emotional healing or healing of addictions however you will also fight with deep passion to reclaim your sense of self.

Whether it be pushing back from obsessive relationships or reclaiming yourself from addictions or mental distress, you need to struggle in what sometimes feels like an uphill battle in order to reclaim your power.

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