Sun and Lilith aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you demand freedom to be yourself?

    By 12andus

    Sun-Lilith-Harm.jpg Sun conjunct Lilith

    You are confident in your sense of right and wrong and always push for what is right even if it makes you unpopular.

    You can potentially lead others in rebellion against the status quo but you do so in an empowering and uplifting way. You never compromise your identity and principles and combine your special talents and leadership skills with activism. You have no problem flaunting your unique style and flamboyant personality and you will go all out to make sure your voice is heard.

    No one is going to silence your voice or get you to play small. At some point you may have to learn that your personal freedom and independence can serve the community when balanced with the needs of others. Still, you don’t mind being a poster child for causes that have impacted you personally.

    You will not accept second best and will demand acknowledgement for your talents and contributions. Its not beyond you to make waves and draw attention to important issues. You have no qualms about enjoying your creativity or sexuality.

    Sun sextile Lilith

    You can flaunt your creativity, sexuality and charm, being fiercely independent but in a way that makes you popular rather than shunned.

    Even when you break with the status quo or push boundaries, you maintain a positive influence and image to others. This unique advantage can give you the potential to be a trailblazer who paves the way for others to express their unique creativity or authentic selves.

    It’s easy for you to show your unique talents and your raw honesty is appreciated by others.

    Sun square Lilith

    You may feel constant friction between your desire to be true to yourself and your deep instincts and sexual nature and your desire to be admired by others.

    You can’t have it both ways though and will find attempts to conform to others’ standards to be suffocating and intolerable. As a result you may tolerate only so much before rebelling and asserting your unique desires and sexual interests.

    If you can become comfortable with your deeper, edgy nature, asserting yourself will be easier and you won’t feel compelled to go to extremes.

    Sun trine Lilith

    In situations in which others would be shunned for letting their wild side run free, you have a knack for being seen as a beacon of liberation rather than a radical nuisance.

    It just works out that you can break from tradition and challenge the status quo but without the negative social consequences that others may face in the same boat. Your path to liberating your wild inner instincts easily translates to radical acceptance of your unique side and creative instincts.

    You may be so used to speaking your mind and being true to your inner nature that you assume others are equally confident in themselves.

    Sun opposite Lilith

    You may have to struggle to trust your instincts especially when your anger is triggered. You may not be comfortable with your sexuality or identity until you trust your intuition and creativity and demand respect. You can find power through obstacles and come to embrace your passion and power because you had to fight for self-acceptance and for to have your voice heard.

    Your may bear the wounds and traumas of some kind of stigma related to your identity or sexuality. In time you may have to choose between honoring your unique style and identity and trying to appease others by blending in with the background. Even when you try to stay silent, it never works.

    You can’t help expecting recognition, acceptance and praise for your talents and brilliance. Even when you try to tone it down and conform to others’ expectations, your frustration only boils over to the point where you just have to let the world know who you are and that you won’t be stifled.

    Sun quincunx Lilith

    You try to repress your creativity, charm and unique strengths. Your sexuality may be repressed early in your life.

    You may go to extremes and dabble with various ways to assert your freedom and power before you find the right ways to express your sexuality and creativity.

    Once you become comfortable with who you are and embrace your optimism and dark side, you’ll be able to thrive as a strong, independent trailblazer.

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