Jupiter and Lilith aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you express your intense need for freedom and expansion?

By 12andus

Jupiter-Lilith-Harm.jpg Jupiter conjunct Lilith

You have a staunch sense of right and wrong and when others encroach on your territory or challenge your ideology, look out! You can come out fighting.

Though in truth you prefer to fight with intellect than through violence. You may have had an abrupt or aggressive wake up call in your life that forces you to come to terms with beliefs or philosophical ideals, going from naïvete to awareness of injustices.

You make sure your deeper feelings and intuition are aligned with your ideals but you can become a zealot or extremist, spreading your message far and wide or lashing out at those who have taken advantage of you or others who are in a position of being oppressed. Your pain and rage may be projected to a wide audience through dramatic displays or public breakups or outbursts.

Your sexual interests may be varied and involve integration of your interests in spiritual practices like Tantra or Kundalini. You may also find empowerment through dramatic changes in your religious or philosophical beliefs and by expanding beyond sexual barriers. Questions of morality and right and wrong shape your sexual interests and form the basis of your deeper passions.

Jupiter sextile Lilith

You easily gain influence and popularity for being yourself, even showing your dark, edgy and sexually expressive side.

What others are condemned for, hedonism, pleasure seeking and opulence, for you is more of a key to popularity and influence. You are comfortable with your own potential and this inspires confidence in others.

Your optimism and positivity endear you to others even when your message is edgy or your approach taboo. You help others feel uplifted and expressing your true inner nature is easier once you’ve accepted and embraced your dark, wild side.

Jupiter square Lilith

You can feel tension brewing between your ideals and desires for freedom and situations that force you to contend with the status quo.

You can work to show your great influence and talents, you know you are born for great accomplishments. But you may have to overcome self-sabotage and misdirected rage first.

You may get lost in your desire for pleasure and freedom and will have to work through some struggles between personal desires and the good of society.

Jupiter trine Lilith

You can be free to be your unadulterated, unfiltered, uncensored self and somehow get away with what would leave others alienated.

You may easily show your raw emotional nature and deep sexual desires in a way that helps to inspire others to follow suit and pave the way for society to be more accepting.

You tend to have a ‘live and let live’ philosophy but you will become highly protective of your own personal rights and rebel against anyone who tries to crowd or influence you.

Jupiter opposite Lilith

You may struggle with philosophical or moral judgments when it comes to your sexual interests or intimate relationships. Freedom is important to you but what you risk and how you shake up solid relationships to get it can lead to self-sabotage.

You will not allow anyone to confine or dominate you and you may rock the boat to create distance so that no one can get in the way of your larger pursuits. You may feel rage at injustices that don’t effect you personally and if you challenge your sense of indignation appropriately you can become a strong activist and advocate for others.

You may have a lucky streak and it seems as if you can tempt fate and still walk away from danger unscathed but carelessness will only go so far, you may like to live on the edge but you can only dodge so many crises. It’s best to use your courage and daring energy when it counts the most.

Jupiter quincunx Lilith

You don’t easily accept your dark side and your desire to expand and grow may be at odds with your deep inner fears.

You may feel suppressed because of your beliefs especially beliefs about freedom and sexuality. It may be difficult for you to gain your independence and autonomy.

Your higher wisdom is revealed through struggles that may initially stifle your true nature or limit your freedom, but through these challenges you learn to tune in to your spiritual, philosophical and wise inner nature.

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