Saturn and Lilith aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you express your deep urges for security and stability?

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    Saturn-Lilith-Harm.jpg Saturn conjunct Lilith

    I may be restlessly ambitious and take an aggressive approach to success in finance and business. Even my deepest and repressed rage is subject to a level of self-discipline.

    I may stew and simmer before finally exploding. When I do express this deeper outrage at injustice, it is usually a reaction to feeling my security and stability have been threatened.

    You have a deep desire to find status, wealth and security and you may be tempted to go to extreme measures in order to pursue your ambitions. Ironically you may come across as cold and reserved, detached emotionally and completely rational.

    You try to keep a distance from deeper emotional connection because you don’t want to trip over your intense emotions. You are likely to take your responsibilities seriously. Especially work but all obligations in general are a matter of life and death in your eyes.

    Saturn sextile Lilith

    Your desire for status and accomplishment is easily met, even if you push the boundaries and break with tradition in your efforts to succeed.

    When you establish yourself as a maverick, it’s accepted by others and praised, even if you break with tradition. Your desire for security is expressed by following your own inner nature.

    You intuitively know how to set a solid foundation and you may pursue unconventional career path that reflects your inner passions.

    Saturn square Lilith

    It’s hard for you to make your mark, no matter how hard you work. You insist on having things your way and will not conform to standards or rules that stifle you.

    At the same time, you’re also serious about creating security and status. You will need to work with the tension of being true to yourself and also knowing when to play by the rules.

    Your desire for freedom and the needs of society or tradition are often in conflict. If you don’t find ways to remain true to your inner drives you may feel unduly stifled or repressed. Be true to your desires and instincts but don’t miss out on your larger mission especially in career.

    Saturn trine Lilith

    It’s easy for you to transform self-discipline, hardship and struggle into success and status. You have your own unique way of transforming your circumstances and flourishing.

    You can also capitalize on your authentic inner self and raw, edgy nature because it works for you and creates a brand that is part of your success. No matter what hardships you endure, you end up walking away with a greater sense of power, confidence and self-assurance.

    Hardships also help you understand your ability to be independent and appreciate your freedom.

    Saturn opposite Lilith

    You have an intense desire to be successful but any criticism or feeling of failure will trigger an intense rage. You fear rejection or failure so much you may inadvertently sabotage yourself.

    You often feel lonely or may retreat into work when challenges arise. Your first go-to is to lose yourself in productivity and business, trying to be efficient and mechanical in order to get through difficult times. When you’re angry you try to repress it and remain disciplined and practical. Yet when your security or financial stability are threatened or when you feel like your need for independence is being challenged, you’ll show an intense, angry side.

    You may have a tendency toward simmering rage. Rather than losing control, you become calculating and determined. You believe success is the best revenge and can plot to take down your adversaries by outmaneuvering them financially or in business matters.

    You may feel at odds with tradition or struggle to express your individual ambition when it requires you to break from tradition. You may have sexual difficulties or illnesses, restrictions or challenges related to sexuality or embracing your sexuality.

    Saturn quincunx Lilith

    It’s hard for you to embrace your inner nature and sexual desires because you feel limited by obstacles and obligations.

    These challenges actually build on your character and strength in the long run, though. You can work through restrictions and hardships in order to assert your true inner identity.

    Your sense of accomplishment and independence are linked to material success and status but you can learn through difficult losses that you possess a deeper power regardless of external career success.

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