Uranus and Lilith aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you express your raw power and rebellious nature?

By 12andus

Uranus-Lilith-Harm.jpg Uranus conjunct Lilith

You can’t be fenced in and your intense energy and raw power may come as a shock to those around you. You won’t stifle your opinion or sexual energy in order to conform to others’ standards. In fact you may rebel against any attempt to limit your creativity.

If you sense that others are trying to control or suppress your individuality, you’ll react with rage. Though others are easily drawn to your exciting and dynamic personality, you will reserve your highest respect and admiration for those who are unique, eccentric or in some way considered an underdog.

Your moods can become erratic and you can harness your rage to battle against the wrongs of society or become fixated and obsessed about your individual need for freedom and desire for space.

Uranus sextile Lilith

It’s easy for you to act on impulse and show your inner nature, raw, edgy side and true sexual desires.

You may be a trailblazer for others but you can be shocking without being intimidating and it makes it easier for others to trust you and appreciate your independent nature.

Unusual events help you clarify who you are and can actually help you become more independent and accepting of your deeper desires and passions.

Uranus square Lilith

Your inner emotions and raw unconscious anger can bubble up to the surface during breakthroughs of insight and frustration.

You may try to channel your sexual tension and creative energy in productive ways but will also lash out at anyone who tries to control or limit you.

You can find freedom and independence by refusing to conform even when the pressure is on. You may become easily fired up if you feel anyone is infringing on your independence or personal choices.

Though it’s easy for you to break away from restrictions, you may be prone to leap before looking and making dramatic changes that sabotage what you truly want.

Uranus trine Lilith

You easily express your individualistic and even shocking nature without having much regard for what others think of you.

This makes it easy for you to express your unique perspective and assert your independence. You can also be a rebel when it comes to your sexual interests but your passion and freethinking ways inspire others.

You have a gift for making even the most dramatic and shocking situations into opportunities for personal growth and advancement. No matter how unpredictable a situation is, you find a way to reclaim your power through dramatic changes.

Uranus opposite Lilith

You may try to suppress your individual desires and unique creative energy but this will only backfire.

You may go from cool and calculating to passionate and rageful with little warning. Your sexual interests and appetites may seem unconventional and you may have to fight to assert your identity.

Your intuition and innovative energy may make you feel ahead of your time and it can be infuriating to feel misunderstood or not accepted by mainstream society. Yet you won’t be satisfied if you’re forced to conform.

If others are trying to limit or contain your intense energy, you’ll fight back with a vengeance. You can be a humanitarian or get lost in violent rages and displays of anger that can alienate you from others.

Uranus quincunx Lilith

You are prone to shocking others and causing a stir because you won’t compromise your identity or values. You may have to work to embrace your true inner nature.

Your sexuality and creative energy can be a source of frustration and alienation but in time you can also work through challenges and come to gain acceptance and validation.

Your potential as an influential leader is unlocked through challenges in which you had to fight to discern your true beliefs and values, often rejecting the status quo.

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