Neptune and Lilith aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you channel your deep desire for fantasy and escape?

By 12andus

Neptune-Lilith-Harm.jpg Neptune conjunct Lilith

Rather than dealing with intense anger or conflict, you may use sex and spirituality as an escape.

Equally tempting is addictive processes that help you run from your challenges. You may crave intimacy with others and become intensely jealous or obsessive when it comes to your intimate relationships.

You struggle to see your sexual interests clearly and instead may get distracted by unresolved emotional wounds, seeking to play out past traumas or wounds through your intimate relationships with others. Unresolved wounds related to abandonment may lead you to try to gain the approval of others through sexuality or romantic attraction.

You may also seek mystical and sexual fulfillment or seek spiritual or Soul Mate connections, yet your intense desires can also lead you to mistake delusions for reality.

Neptune sextile Lilith

Your intuition and spiritual side is easily channeled through your creativity, sexuality and individual identity.

It’s easy for you to find ways to freely express your inner longings and sexual interests. Even when you break with convention, you are seen as endearing and charming rather than disruptive.

Your compassionate nature and spiritual drive propels you to reject traditions or conventions that are personally stifling or dogmatic.

Neptune square Lilith

Your mystical, intuitive, spiritual side can lead you to undermine your freedom seeking side. You may want to explore pleasure, sexuality and deep connection with others, yet also rebel against these opportunities.

You may also sabotage your opportunities to find deeper connection out of fear of losing your independence or being controlled by others. Your deeper desires may lead you to read what you want into situations only to lead you to believe in wishful thinking and illusions.

By breaking through these illusions, though, you can tap in to your deeper powers of compassion and intuition.

Neptune trine Lilith

It’s easy for you to transform your deep desire for creativity and spiritual fulfillment into a vehicle for releasing deep rage and buried emotions.

Your sexual interests are fed by your desire for spiritual enlightenment and freedom as well. You find acceptance and validation even when you are breaking with conventions of typical sexuality or spirituality.

Your emotional healing experiences can unleash your inner power and confidence. The more you understand the interconnection between all things, the more purpose and meaning you find and the more easily you are able to assert your independence.

Neptune opposite Lilith

You may feel intense and deep rage that you stifle with escapism, sexuality or addictive substances that alter your mind but also keep you from fully reaching into the deeper levels of your emotional and intuitive side.

You may have to fight to find validation for your psychic senses. Your intense need for connection and intimacy may lead you to mistake delusions for actual love and connection. You may feel conflicted about your desire for independence and your desire to be needed or connected to others and this results in constant sabotage of your closest relationships.

You may struggle with challenging losses that push you to the edges of your ability to cope emotionally but can also unleash deeper emotional resilience and compassion for others. You can undergo powerful healing transformation or get lost in illusions if you don’t face your deeper emotions.

Neptune quincunx Lilith

You may be able to grow in wisdom and acknowledge your intuitive and compassionate side after experiencing hardship and struggle.

Initially, you may face backlash for being different and relying on your intuition.

In time, however, your spiritual and unconventional approach to love and sexuality can lead you to greater self-acceptance and acceptance by others.

Your commitment to spiritual idealism will help you reject and move away from illusions that may seem tempting but are found to be out of alignment with your true nature.

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