Pluto and Lilith aspects in the Birth Chart: How does power and rage factor in to how you handle challenges?

    By 12andus

    Pluto-Lilith-Harm.jpg Pluto conjunct Lilith

    You are edgy and powerful but you tend to show your domineering qualities by taking charge during challenging situations.

    You love your freedom and may prefer to not be bothered with others’ choices. Yet when you recognize injustices or oppression, it strikes a nerve and you can unleash pent up rage that has been buried deep beneath the surface.

    You may have intense energy and sexual desires that push the boundaries. Pleasure, pain, transformation and control are all enticing and seductive to you. You may seem to have everything under control but your unbridled passions can erupt when triggered.

    You have no tolerance for anyone trying to assert control or authority over you and you may even rebel against feedback as if it were personal attack. You don’t hold back when angered and can go right for the throat of your opponent.

    Pluto sextile Lilith

    It’s easy for you to assume positions of power and authority. Your confidence and self-assured nature makes it easy for you to follow your wild inner instincts as well.

    You have powerful intuitive instincts and can be a force to be reckoned with. You’re also free and open about your sexuality regardless of the opinions of others.

    You can be determined and focused and you won’t let anyone or anything interfere with your desires or limit you. Initiation and dramatic changes help you to reveal your raw emotions and true inner nature.

    Pluto square Lilith

    Your desire for control and to assert your own authority and control your own destiny, creates friction in your life.

    You can rise to positions of power and fulfill your independent longings and dreams, but you often have to fight to get the recognition you deserve.

    You may also have to fight to overcome obstacles and oppression or past traumas. By facing your deeper fears, you come closer to expressing your raw emotions and releasing past baggage, you can find freedom and the power to be true to your nature.

    Pluto trine Lilith

    It’s easy for you to show your sexual appeal and deep, inner sense of power and authority.

    Rather than being ostracized for rebelling against the status quo, you are seen as a powerful authority.

    You may also become a leader or inspiration for others to embrace dramatic transformation in their own lives. Sexual and personal liberation are extremely important to you. You easily transform loss and conflict into focus and power.

    Pluto opposite Lilith

    Your dark desires and temptations can lead you to pursue power and authority over others and you may lose sight of your bigger mission because of power struggles.

    You may have to overcome sexual oppression or restrictions in order to fully claim your inner passion and independence. You are intense and may try to hide your dark revenge fantasies or even violent tendencies but suppressing your rage can turn into self harm or self sabotage, addictions or burn out.

    Finding creative and transformative ways to channel your dark fantasies and edgy desires works out in your favor. You may instinctively know that social pressures related to sexuality and gender roles are restrictive or limiting but feel uncomfortable asserting your own beliefs and trusting your deeper desires.

    Yet when you do begin to validate these deeper instincts, you may feel like you were called to tear down the social restrictions and lead by example, putting your personal transformation and needs above the needs of others.

    Pluto quincunx Lilith

    By working through past traumas such as sexual trauma or addictive patterns, you can find greater liberation.

    You’re authoritative and have a strong personality and it’s hard for you to compromise.

    You never want to give up on your ideals and unique instincts. Your freedom to express your sexuality and individuality is a priority for you.

    You may have to work through extremes such as obsession and rejection of others to come to middle ground in relationships, establishing a balance of power that doesn’t eclipse or stifle you.

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