True Lunar Node and Lilith aspects in the Birth Chart: How do your instincts lead you to resolve conflict and embrace your sexuality?

By 12andus

True Lunar Node-Lilith-Harm.jpg True Lunar Node conjunct Lilith

You aspire to express your deeper desires and passions freely. You may have rich and intense sexual fantasies but feel inhibited about expressing them. Your instincts will lead you to remain true to your desires and express your raw power, emotions and sexual passions.

You may have to grow into a greater comfort zone but when you feel secure, you may start to express not only your deeper sexual passions but also unresolved rage. Your ideals and larger aspirations fall into place because of your ability to trust and follow your intuition.

You may have to become comfortable with your Shadow side- your primal human nature that society tries to force you to suppress but which actually helps you fight for your own survival and freedom. Your destiny may require you to get comfortable with acknowledging deeper rage and raw power.

True Lunar Node sextile Lilith

Your sense of destiny and mission is easily expressed as long as you follow your instincts and wild inner nature. You can easily find your purpose as long as you are true to your authentic self.

Freedom, independence and expression of your sexual energy helps you get closer to serving your purpose. When you follow your true destiny, your sense of power and personal authority expands and you become better able to follow your passions and explore your deeper desires.

True Lunar Node square Lilith

Your sense of purpose and destiny is often at odds with your desire to break free from restrictions.

You may feel stifled by your path and rebel or self-sabotage rather than rising to the occasion. You will have to face fears of restriction and limitation in order to follow your greater destiny. When you experience a crisis of identity, it is usually tied in some way to your sense of purpose and destiny.

By following your destiny, you’re also becoming more clear about who you are and what your gifts are.

True Lunar Node trine Lilith

It’s easy for you to express your true inner nature and follow your desire for freedom while still coming closer to your true mission and purpose.

Your purpose requires you to align your outer actions with your deep inner nature, sexuality and raw emotions. You can easily find the willpower and focus to expand beyond your comfort zone and move swiftly toward your true purpose.

True Lunar Node opposite Lilith

You’re comfortable with your sexuality and raw emotions and you may revert back to old patterns and routines, manipulating others or shutting down from intimate relationships during challenging times.

In order to refine your means of coping with unreleased rage and deeper emotions, however, you have to push yourself outside of your comfort zone rather than pushing others away.

You may vacillate between unapologetically embrace your sexuality, dark side and inner rage and also try to suppress these natural human responses in order to appeal to social standards.

You may be comfortable with your sexuality regardless of social norms or judgments of others. You can rise to fulfill your destiny by embracing your deeper inner nature and then evolving beyond your knee-jerk reactions, striving to normalize and embrace your raw power and also using this energy for personal empowerment.

True Lunar Node quincunx Lilith

Your purpose and destiny require you to face deep hidden rage and suppressed individuality.

By embracing your deeper desires and sexuality, you’ll be able to harness and accept your power to fulfill your destiny. You may have to rebel against oppressive limitations in order to reach your larger purpose.

Your destiny and purpose may lead you in new directions that make you feel uncomfortable or may challenge your sense of self based on what others have told you in the past.

By following your deeper purpose, you are also able to break through limitations on your sense of self.

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