Transiting Jupiter on natal Lilith

By 12andus

Jupiter-Lilith-Harm.jpg Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Lilith

Your deep instincts and suppressed rage is amplified now. Though you strive to channel your energy toward philosophical and spiritual pursuits, you may be more extreme and edgy now.

Your sense of urgency and intensity may lead you to zealotry and you may dive into new exploration of spiritual practices or cultural traditions with great vigor and determination.

This can be a time to expand your mind and beliefs and awaken to your higher aspirations by shaking off the pressures of society and refusing to play small. Your optimism balances out the edgy side of your deeper passions and emotions now as well.

Transiting Jupiter sextile natal Lilith

You have the opportunity to expand and follow your integrity even if doing so challenges the status quo.

Your desire for broader understanding and higher wisdom can help you push beyond limitations now.

You can easily find opportunities to influence others and help promote greater acceptance and dramatic change of ideals now.

Transiting Jupiter square natal Lilith

Your desire for expansion and freedom is at odds with your ambitions to elevate your career and personal ambitions now.

This is an important time for you to overcome self doubts and find ways to remain confident in yourself and your beliefs regardless of the status quo.

Transiting Jupiter trine natal Lilith

This may feel like an exceptionally lucky time for you to test the boundaries and expand your horizons.

If you felt suppressed or limited in any way in the past, this is a crucial time to let your inner instincts and raw emotions run wild. Your unique perspective and rebellious nature is well received now.

What others weren’t ready to hear in the past, they are now ready to receive. Show your true beliefs even if doing so pushes the conventions of acceptability.

Odds are in your favor, you’ll end up as an influential inspiration to others during this time.

Transiting Jupiter opposite natal Lilith

During this time you may want it all. Your desire to live life to the fullest may create intensity, urgency and even hubris.

You are prone to taking on more than you can really handle, be it work, debt, relationships, commitments, yet you will insist on doing things your way and on your own. Your need for freedom and independence is heightened now.

You may become agitated and restless and feel like rebelling against anyone who tries to stifle your ideas or freedom of expression now. You may want to act in benevolent and humanitarian ways now but your deeper rage and self-preserving instincts will influence your actions.

Transiting Jupiter quincunx natal Lilith

This is a crucial time to face your inner instincts and rebellious beliefs that may push the envelope.

This is an important time to follow your ideals even if doing so leads you to rebel against the status quo. Work on embracing your sexuality and higher ideals during this time.

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