Transiting Saturn on natal Lilith

By 12andus

Saturn-Lilith-Harm.jpg Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Lilith

You are instinctively drawn to self-preservation and security during this time and may become a harsh critic of anyone who stands in your way.

This is an important time to consider underlying Karma and hardships as difficult past experiences pave the way for your growth and healing now. You may have to face harsh lessons now, but these experiences will help refine your strength and courage.

Your desire for power, status and success can fuel you to beat the odds and demand respect and visibility. This is especially true regarding your creative interests and individual talents.

Transiting Saturn sextile natal Lilith

Your desires for stability and security actually feed in to your need for independence and even your rebellious nature during this time.

This can be a time of awakening, when you delve deeper into your raw emotions and translate independence and ambition to help you thrive and create a solid foundation.

Transiting Saturn square natal Lilith

This is a challenging time in which your urges for freedom and open expression are in conflict with social standards and restrictions.

You may feel angst as you try to establish your own power and authority in a world that isn’t accepting of your inner nature.

You may also feel conflict as your identity and sexual interests clash with tradition or the status quo. Be true to yourself and learn to express your inner desires without alienating yourself from key authority figures.

Transiting Saturn trine natal Lilith

This is an intense time of reinvention as you easily express your deep desire for security.

Your unique instincts and talents can help you to make a name for yourself in career, even if you show your raw, edgy and controversial nature.

Transiting Saturn opposite natal Lilith

You may want to express your individuality and rebel against the status quo. At the same time, you’re going to face confinement, conflict and confrontation from structures that you can’t dominate.

You will be constantly coming up against issues and tests that remind you of the old saying, ‘you can’t fight city hall.’ Your interests will clash with the rules and structures of authority figures and government structures.

You may reject conventions and rebel against any kind of restriction or control. You may have a crisis of conscience regarding your values and beliefs about money, business and finance.

Transiting Saturn quincunx natal Lilith

This is an important time for adjustment as you face your inner desires for free expression.

Though you may want to break all the rules, you still have to learn the reasons structures exist before breaking through them.

Like an artist, you will have to learn the basic elements of your craft before getting into the abstract exploration.

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