Transiting Neptune on natal Lilith

By 12andus

Neptune-Lilith-Harm.jpg Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Lilith

Your desire for independence and your rebellious energy is fueled by a desire to escape pain and delve into life’s mysteries. You may be thinking of connection and intimacy but won’t let anyone influence you at this time.

This is an important time to express your compassion and desire to overcome boundaries and limitations. You can find outlets for your raw emotion and untapped rage by delving into the arts and exploring your creative side.

Cathartic writing, painting, dancing or music making can help you to unleash your deeper longings and urges. You may have spiritual breakthroughs that help you heal from past wounds and break from oppressive traditions or relationships.

Transiting Neptune sextile natal Lilith

This is a great time for you to express your creative, spiritual and mystical nature. You can find acceptance and deeper connection with others by being true to your wild inner nature during this time.

Others will be easily attracted to you because of your rebellious nature and desire to explore spirituality in your own way now.

Transiting Neptune square natal Lilith

You may have to work through confusion and illusions in order to really understand your deeper desires during this time.

Your desire to explore your spiritual nature brings you into connection with your rebellious, independent nature and you may challenge yourself to find deeper purpose and meaning now.

Transiting Neptune trine natal Lilith

It is now easier for you to overcome limitations and transcend obstacles. Your intuition brings you greater spiritual transcendence.

You can heal long repressed emotions now. You may also be able to delve deeper into your sexuality.

It is easy for you to attract admirers and you can express your creative side without losing yourself in confusion, addictions and relationships now.

Transiting Neptune opposite natal Lilith

Your inner desires and instincts for connection will run counter to your desire for independence during this time. You are presented with opportunities for higher understanding and spiritual growth.

At the same time, what you wish would be true can’t be manifested just by unleashing anger, rage and deep emotion. Rather than ruminating on wounds or seeking emotional escape in sexuality or seeking pleasure, this can be an important time to face self-delusions and heal your deeper emotional wounds.

You may find edgy or troubled people to be intoxicating and attractive but relationships can become stormy if you project your deep emotional needs and desires onto your partner. You may both crave and be repelled by close connection to others.

Transiting Neptune quincunx natal Lilith

During this time you can work through insecurities and discomfort and learn to have a deeper understanding of unresolved wounds and inner desires.

You may have to work to clear self-delusions and fully understand your wild inner nature now.

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