Transiting True Lunar Node on natal Lilith

True Lunar Node-Lilith-Harm.jpg Transiting True Lunar Node conjunct natal Lilith

You may feel magnetically compelled forward on a path to pursuing your destiny during this time. While you are finding your inner voice, you’ll also reject any false identity placed on you by society.

Rebelling against the status quo during this time is less about shock value and more about refining your destiny. You’re moving steadily toward your path now and you will have no problem rejecting and releasing anyone or anything that isn’t on board with you.

Your ascension to higher ground spiritually and personally requires you to confront your fears and inner demons now. You may experience highs and lows of euphoria and rage. Working through these intense emotions will bring you into greater alignment with your true purpose now.

Transiting True Lunar Node sextile natal Lilith

It’s now easier for you to follow your instincts and find your purpose, even when doing so leads you to rebel against the status quo.

Branching out in a new direction actually brings you closer to fulfilling your destiny. Others will admire your courage and passion.

Transiting True Lunar Node square natal Lilith

Your purpose and destiny are made clear as the result of fighting through repression and asserting your independence.

You may have to work hard to get a chance to follow your instincts and pursue your dreams. You may need to confront deeper insecurities in order to move toward your purpose.

Transiting True Lunar Node trine natal Lilith

This is an important time to assert your independence and strive toward following your path and purpose.

You may experience lucky breaks and validation even as you break with convention and follow your wild inner instincts.

This can be a crucial time to align your deep desires with your sense of purpose.

Transiting True Lunar Node opposite natal Lilith

Your desire to express your individuality and inner emotions can prove detrimental to your destiny now. You may resist the calling to mature and grow personally and spiritually based on ego desire to explore your passions.

This is a challenging time in which you may rebel from the people and institutions that are trying to help you develop on your path. You may also turn to rage, extremism and self-sabotage to avoid your higher responsibilities.

You may misjudge your purpose and over or underestimate important traits leading to your destiny. By balancing your need for independence and your higher calling, you can find new levels of empowerment during this time.

Transiting True Lunar Node quincunx natal Lilith

You will have to adjust your expectations and find ways to assert yourself and follow your intuition.

Your sense of destiny and purpose may become clear as you work harder to overcome repression and insecurities.

As a result, though you can come to find greater self-acceptance and find empowerment.

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