Transiting Lilith on natal Mercury

By 12andus

Mercury-Lilith-Harm.jpg Transiting Lilith conjunct natal Mercury

Your mind and intellect are influenced by deep, dramatic outrage and pent up emotion that now comes tumbling out to be examined.

Your writing, speaking and communication style may be shaped by a jaded, edgy tone. You may turn to writing or teaching to help others become true to their wild inner instincts as you are awakening to yours at this time.

You may sound angrier than you realize but your passion can either galvanize others who admire or alienate you from those who are intimidating. You are also highly sensitive to intellectual connection with others and may be sexually attracted to others based on what they say or how they think, while also wanting to maintain distance and flexibility in relationships.

Transiting Lilith sextile natal Mercury

Your deep desire for freedom and independence can be channeled easily through your ideas and communication now. You may feel compelled to write or speak about taboo subjects.

Your ideas about sexuality and your wild inner nature are easily accepted rather than a source of alienation now.

You can come to a greater understanding of those who rebel against the status quo because you are coming to embrace your rebellious side now.

Transiting Lilith square natal Mercury

Your desire for independence and freedom can lead you to speak impulsively.

Though you are following your intuition and speaking truth to power, you may be met with resistance now.

You may have to struggle to get your voice heard. Though you can overcome obstacles by challenging conformity. Be true to your inner nature now even if you have to share ideas that are unpopular.

Transiting Lilith trine natal Mercury

Your deep desire to express your raw emotional nature leads you to communicate in more authentic ways.

You may take a controversial or rebellious perspective now but your attitude is easily embraced by others. Your message may challenge the status quo but your ideas are well received.

You may be seen as a groundbreaking spokesperson now.

Transiting Lilith opposite natal Mercury

Past suppressed rage and raw emotion can interfere with your rationality during this time. You may have a harder time thinking clearly because you are acting on instinct and emotion.

You may become more impassioned about your ideas but arguing for the sake of debate and not working toward a specific resolution. This can be a difficult time to make rational decisions. You’re likely to become obsessive or insecure about your ideas now.

This can be an important time to express your deeper emotions rather than trying to sweep your feelings under the rug and replace them with logical thought. Your desire for independence can lead you to sabotage your relationships. You may speak impulsively or in ways that intimidate others.

Transiting Lilith quincunx natal Mercury

Your authentic, passionate, powerful nature is at odds with your attitude and mentality, but during this time you will have the chance to find clarity.

You may come to embrace your sexuality, edgy nature and your deep desire for freedom by articulating your needs and asserting your boundaries in more dramatic ways now.

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