Transiting Lilith on natal Mars

By 12andus

Mars-Lilith-Harm.jpg Transiting Lilith conjunct natal Mars

This can be an intense and fiery time. You may feel instinctually moved to rebel against those around you. Your anger and rage can be triggered easily now.

You may be motivated to rebel against any forms of suppression and in doing so may burn important bridges. Your repressed emotion may also be channeled into sexual encounters. You may become fixated on revenge or rebellion as well now.

Your emotions may be intense and expressed impulsively now. This is an important time to show your confidence and individual ambition but also to be careful to not overpower others in pursuit of your own desires.

Transiting Lilith sextile natal Mars

This is a time of excitement. You easily express your ambitious, freedom loving and passionate nature now.

You may act impulsively to reveal your deeper passions now but this will help you advance and break free from restrictions.

Even when you rebel against the status quo and break the rules, your rebellion endears you to others now.

Transiting Lilith square natal Mars

This is an intense time of struggle and you may feel like you are constantly butting heads with authority figures as you try to assert your inner passions.

Your sexual interests and desire for success may lead to ongoing frustrations during this time.

If you stand your ground and remain true to your inner desires and wild inner nature, you will be able to overcome conflicts and successfully maintain your independence.

Transiting Lilith trine natal Mars

This is an important time for advancing your ambitions and reclaiming your wild, independent nature.

You may easily overcome past conditioning and restrictions, throwing conformity aside as you pursue your passions and desires.

Your sexual interests and ambitions bring out your wild, free and independent nature during this time.

Transiting Lilith opposite natal Mars

The dynamic energy dredged up at this time can create friction and turmoil now. You may feel compelled to act on impulse, no matter the cost.

Suppressed past emotions can bubble up to the surface resulting in rage and jealousy, possessiveness and obsession. You may have difficulty discerning what is in your own best interest as opposed to pursuing power and control.

Attempts to control your surroundings and those around you may lead to self-righteousness. You may become distracted by sexual desire or the desire to have your way and get ahead through manipulation.

Transiting Lilith quincunx natal Mars

This is an intense time for you to learn to embrace your inner power and follow your ambition.

You may feel inclined to strike out in a new direction, but lack the confidence initially.

It will take some time and adjustment for you to become fully comfortable with your intuition, power and wild inner nature. Follow your instincts and you will develop a deeper sense of courage and will to succeed.

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