Transiting Lilith on natal Uranus

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    Uranus-Lilith-Harm.jpg Transiting Lilith conjunct natal Uranus

    This can be a dynamic, explosive time. You may feel compelled to break free from any restrictions or social norms that don’t suit you as an individual.

    You’re desire for freedom and independence is fueled by mistrust of institutions now. This is a dramatic time when you may blast through obstacles that kept you from freely and openly expressing your true nature.

    You’re inclined to push away those who used to be your greatest supports and favor those who are outcasts and eccentrics. You may push the boundaries of sexuality at this time as well.

    Transiting Lilith sextile natal Uranus

    This can be an exciting and intense time. Your sexual desires can lead you to become attracted to unusual people.

    You may also feel compelled to push boundaries in your sexual exploration with others. You may find empowerment and freedom in unusual ways now.

    Transiting Lilith square natal Uranus

    This is a difficult time for you to express your inner truth as you may feel like you encounter friction at every turn.

    You may have to work through power struggles and conflicts with those who don’t appreciate your nonconformist nature now.

    Many dramatic changes can also challenge your sense of confidence and freedom now.

    Transiting Lilith trine natal Uranus

    Your deep desire to express your raw emotion and sexual power can be easily channeled now.

    You may become more free-spirited and open to change. As a result, this can be a great time to usher in dramatic and unconventional changes.

    Exploring new sexual experiences and breaking from tradition in order to chart your own path can work out well for you now.

    Transiting Lilith opposite natal Uranus

    This can be an explosive and unpredictable time when your inner Shadow comes out raging.

    You may feel compelled to break with tradition in dramatic ways and may burn bridges in the process. You may go from euphoria to rage and try to break through past limitations, but at the same time sabotage yourself or undermine your own desires.

    During this time, you will be inclined to express your individuality in ways that reveal untapped anger and edginess. You may feel the need to launch out on your own or your dramatic and impulsive outbursts can give you a false sense of freedom when in fact you are simply pushing away others who could be helpful.

    Transiting Lilith quincunx natal Uranus

    This is a difficult time to express your true inner nature and follow your unique path. You may have to overcome obstacles in order to feel confident with your true nature.

    You may erratically express your eccentric side and learn to fully embrace your power rather than hiding your unique quirky side now.

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