Transiting Lilith on natal Neptune

By 12andus

Neptune-Lilith-Harm.jpg Transiting Lilith conjunct natal Neptune

Your pure, emotional and wild nature can unleash a deeper connection to your psychic instincts and intuition. You may become more artistic and creative as you free yourself from confines and expectations of others.

You may use your independent and rebellious nature to break free from illusions related to religion, spiritualty and romance. You’re likely to fall in love with people who appreciate your dark side and don’t try to change you.

You may also misjudge your intuition and perceptions, your logic overtaken by emotion or deeper desires during this time. Without the limits of others and society, you are free to express your artistic and subconscious feelings and ideas and this can be healing as well.

Transiting Lilith sextile natal Neptune

Your deep desire for power and freedom easily feeds your mystical, spiritual nature now.

You may seek sexual encounters that have a mystical or spiritual component. Though you’ll want to fully immerse yourself in emotional connection with others, you will not let anyone consume you or dull your radiant energy now.

Transiting Lilith square natal Neptune

Your desire for independence and freedom challenges your desire for transcendence and deep emotional connection.

It may take some effort, but you will find ways to invite deep connection, especially through mystical exploration or sexual relationships, but without losing your true identity and giving up your freedom.

Transiting Lilith trine natal Neptune

Your deep desire for freedom and independence easily helps you open up to your intuitive, compassionate, spiritual nature.

You may go against conventionality and try to expand your mind through unique and mystical sexual encounters during this time.

Transiting Lilith opposite natal Neptune

Your raw rage and emotion can lead you to become disillusioned or even self-deluded during this time. You may zealously follow a new spiritual path or become obsessed with pleasure seeking.

This is time of confusion, your deep, unresolved wounds can confuse you and blur the lines between fantasy and reality.

You may have to struggle to express your individuality or long for connection but also rebel from it. You may also think you are becoming more enlightened or free but in actuality, fall into the trap of seeking pleasure through escaping into fantasy.

Transiting Lilith quincunx natal Neptune

You may have to overcome confusion and illusions in order to allow your true inner self to emerge.

Your desire to express your powerful sexual and creative energy may be stifled at first but you are being tested now.

You will be able to learn to trust your true instincts and find ways to overcome repression and explore your spirituality.

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