Transiting Lilith on natal Pluto

    By 12andus

    Pluto-Lilith-Harm.jpg Transiting Lilith conjunct natal Pluto

    During this time, you may face deeply buried fears and unbridled rage. You may embark on a journey of deep transformation as a result of unleashing your Shadow side.

    This is an important time to clear obstacles and free yourself from social restraints, in the service of gaining clarity, focus and rebirth. You may find power through sexual expression and asserting your will and power.

    Your desire to be reborn and redefined by fully embracing your Shadow side and raw anger is intensified during this time. You have no patience with anyone holding you back or trying to dominate you. You may rise to positions of leadership and power through your edgy, raw emotional expression but you won’t tolerate anyone having authority over you.

    Transiting Lilith sextile natal Pluto

    Your deep desire for independence and sexual freedom easily leads you to make dramatic personal transformation now.

    You can easily let go of restrictions or limitations from the past as you redefine your identity and become more confident in your sexuality now.

    Transiting Lilith square natal Pluto

    Your independent, freedom loving nature are met with friction now because of issues with authority figures.

    If you are resisting transformation or holding on to what you need to release, you’ll also feel friction now. Your deep desire for freedom and to explore pleasure may distract you from your personal growth and development now.

    Transiting Lilith trine natal Pluto

    Your inner desire to express your independent, freedom loving and wild side easily contributes to your ability to usher in dramatic transformation now.

    You may feel like you’re going through an initiation that helps to reveal who you really are when you’ve released all the programming and indoctrination that limited your views toward sexuality and power in the first place.

    Transiting Lilith opposite natal Pluto

    This is a tense and dramatic time when your sense of power and autonomy and your need to express your individuality are at odds.

    You may feel compelled to start over and wipe the slate clear, but at the same time have to contend with deep inner fears that keep you from being true to yourself. You can embrace your deeper emotions and unhealed anger and accept your Shadow side in order to heal. Yet in order to do this, you’ll have to deal with complex aspects of your nature and delve deep beneath the surface, bypassing distractions and the opinions of others.

    This is an important time to clear away distractions and be clear about your own core needs. You may get distracted by unbridled fury clouding your judgment and leading to power struggles now as well.

    Transiting Lilith quincunx natal Pluto

    Your deep desire to express your true inner nature may be limited by fears and past traumas you haven’t let go of yet.

    During this time you can work through power issues on a deeper level. In doing so, you can claim your power and independence and embrace your sexual identity more fully.

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