Transiting Lilith on natal Midheaven


    Lilith-MC-Harm.jpg Transiting Lilith conjunct natal Midheaven

    You can feel the need to go into business for yourself as retaliation against a bad experience in your career path. You may also feel the need to rebel against the status quo in your industry and business.

    Your desire for success is enhanced by drawing on your dark inner instincts. You can find clarity and confidence to pursue a unique career path rather than conform with the status quo.

    You may also come to consciously realize that you have been holding subconscious resentments against your job, boss or workplace and seek dramatic changes during this time.

    Transiting Lilith sextile natal Midheaven

    Your desire to express your raw, individual nature and rebel against the status quo actually leads you to favorable opportunities in your career now.

    This is a good time to follow your instincts regardless of tradition. Your career and public image advance more favorably because of your authenticity now.

    Transiting Lilith square natal Midheaven

    Your desire to express your raw inner nature and find freedom and independence brings difficulties in your career now.

    You may have strong opinions and desires about your public image and career path now only to find obstacles and setbacks that make you feel repressed and hindered.

    Be true to your inner nature and you will be able to refine your goals and overcome obstacles on your path now.

    Transiting Lilith trine natal Midheaven

    Your desire for independence and freedom can lead you to fortunate opportunities to advance in your career.

    Your public image and standing in your profession are aided by your unique personality and ability to be true to your authentic inner self.

    Even controversial or rebellious aspects of your nature can lead you to greater status and power now.

    Transiting Lilith opposite natal Midheaven

    This is an important time to come to terms with dramatic changes that need to be made in your career. You can gain clarity on your true path and ideal career by breaking through illusions about job security and comfort.

    Your desire for freedom and autonomy may lead you to want to rebel against your responsibilities and confinement of your career path. You may also feel the need to choose between career and personal life. If so, you’ll choose personal life and individual needs even if this comes at a cost to your career.

    You may be able to overcome deep unresolved emotional turmoil by embracing your true nature and following your instincts rather than conforming to the ideas of success and career that you would prefer.

    Transiting Lilith quincunx natal Midheaven

    This is an awkward time. You may feel compelled to follow your independent inner nature and rebel against the status quo now.

    During this time you will feel compelled to express your sexuality and wild inner nature but may have to face past wounds and overcome repression in order to embrace your true desires.

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