Moon and Ceres aspects in the Birth Chart: How does your intuition influence your nurturing style?

By 12andus

Moon-Ceres-Harm.jpg Moon conjunct Ceres in the birth chart

Your intuition and emotional connection to others is strong.

You may wear your heart on your sleeve. When you care about someone, you;ll automatically treat them like family. More specifically, you’ll treat them as a mother treats her child, regardless of your respective ages or genders.

You can be generous with your affection and will worry about the security of your loved ones. You’ll try to make them feel at home and will show them the best of love, protection and care.

You find home, family and family like connections to be your greatest source of personal fulfillment and nurturing. Food, home, nostalgia and connection to family traditions all make you feel secure. When you need nurturing you may spend time with powerful female influences and mother-figures in your life.

Moon sextile Ceres in the birth chart

You easily convey your emotionally sensitive nurturing style to others.

You may be deeply compassionate but you don’t let fears of vulnerability stop you from showering your loved ones with affection and love. You treat others like family and feel most nurtured when you are at home.

You can be introverted but also enjoy the company of others in your closest circle. You feel nurtured through your emotional connection to family, home and loved ones.

You can be generous with others but will also worry about the security and comfort of your loved ones.

Moon square Ceres in the birth chart

Your desire for security and emotional connection is often at odds with your desire to nurture others.

You may want to show your compassionate, loving side but feel like doing so subsequently drains your emotional energy.

Being mindful of your boundaries and tending to your own emotional needs can help you feel more stable. Once you do, you easily overcome obstacles to sharing your emotional connection and love with others.

You may be attracted to people that have a challenging need for nurturing and by overcoming obstacles to connecting with them, you also learn to tend to your own emotional needs.

Moon trine Ceres in the birth chart

Your intuitive, compassionate and emotional nature makes it easy for you to nurture others.

You are naturally drawn to people who need a maternal, nurturing figure in their lives regardless of age or gender. You know how to make others feel like family and can easily create a sense of homecoming for your loved ones.

You are nurtured by your deeper instincts and by your sense of home and family. When you need to feel soothed and comforted, you may seek out strong women in your life.

You may also seek your home or reminders of home and family to soothe your own emotions.

Moon opposite Ceres in the birth chart

Your emotions and intuition can make you highly sensitive.

You have the makings of a deeply nurturing and compassionate person but you may resist showing your love transparently. If you don’t feel emotionally secure yourself, you may hold back from others.

You may also have a hard time balancing your emotional and nurturing needs and the needs of others. Rather than fighting your deeply caring nature, it is best to show others your strengths as an emotional caretaker but with boundaries so as not to neglect yourself.

You may find yourself attracted to people whose need for nurturing mirrors your own. By taking care of others you try to simultaneously care for your unmet needs. Balance in showing your love and caring for yourself is essential.

Moon quincunx Ceres in the birth chart

Your nurturing style is intuitive and emotionally driven, but can also overwhelm you.

You need to work through your emotional insecurities and fears in order to feel comfortable showing vulnerability to others. Until you find this security, you may go to extremes shutting your emotions down or pouring your energy into others.

You may confuse nurturing with enabling if you’re not careful. Strong boundaries can help you make the best of your nurturing, compassionate style even as you show your generous, caring nature to others.

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