Mars and Ceres aspects in the Birth Chart: How does your passion influence your nurturing style?

    By 12andus

    Mars-Ceres-Harm.jpg Mars conjunct Ceres in the birth chart

    Your passion for others shows in your nurturing style. You can be direct and focused on those you love.

    When you care about someone you want to act as their protector. You’ll advocate for them and may go over the top to show how you feel. Others may be intimidated by your intense desire to intervene on their behalf.

    You may find it difficult to hold back when you care about someone. You can be highly motivated to act as a champion for your loved ones. To nurture yourself you know just when and how to set boundaries and assert what you need.

    Mars sextile Ceres in the birth chart

    You easily show your passion and concern for those you love. You have an active nurturing style.

    Even though your style is direct, you come across as nurturing and not overbearing. You can be fiercely protective of loved ones and family.

    Your warmth and enthusiasm for your loved ones shows clearly and while you can be obsessive about other’s well-being you tend to be more encouraging than dominating.

    When your loved ones need comforting you’ll search high and low to help them. When you need nurturing you find it through physical activity and by taking actions to solve problems.

    Mars square Ceres in the birth chart

    You can become frustrated when others don’t respond to your nurturing attempts.

    You care deeply about others and because you want the best for them you often want to help them avoid conflict. But conflicts can erupt if you feel others aren’t following your lead. You have to work to pace yourself. Your instincts to lead and protect can actually interfere with your nurturing.

    Once you learn to keep your own frustrations in check you can be an intensely protective, loving and caring nurturer. You look for nurturing by focusing on your own ambitions and success. You have no problem setting boundaries.

    Mars trine Ceres in the birth chart

    You easily express your nurturing energy through bold, assertive moves to help others.

    You try to lead by example and expect others to follow your lead. Though you can be intense and passionate, you easily make your love clear to others. You help others assert themselves and will act to protect and advocate for those you care about.

    When you love someone you’ll try to steer them away from conflict. Though you may be intense, your energy is not felt as overbearing.

    You seek nurturing through acting to solve problems and through being involved in the solution.

    Mars opposite Ceres in the birth chart

    Your desire to nurture others can make you a strong advocate, but you can also become too zealous.

    You may try too hard to show your affection and passion for your loved ones by becoming controlling or over possessive. You’ll need to work on work on finding the right balance between your own needs and ambition and doing what is right for others.

    You can be a strong advocate for your loved ones. Once you find the balance between motivation and manipulation you can be a devoted and faithful ally for those you love.

    Mars quincunx Ceres in the birth chart

    Your nurturing power is stronger than you realize. Without intending to, you can intimidate others.

    You have a compassionate and intense nature and can come on stronger than you meant to when you love someone. It’s hard for you to show your love without going all in.

    Sometimes this intimidates others or makes them feel like you’re trying to dominate them. That’s not usually your intention. You just have a big heart and will jump in to action for those you love. Your then try to smother your nurturing instincts.

    You can learn to be a passionate, caring nurturing advocate for those you love. You can learn to trust your instincts while also pacing yourself.

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