Neptune and Ceres aspects in the Birth Chart: How does your mystical side help your nurturing?

By 12andus

Neptune-Ceres-Harm.jpg Neptune conjunct Ceres in the birth chart

Your nurturing style is all encompassing and compassionate.

When you love another, you completely give your energy and devotion to them. You empathize with your loved ones and may become completely emotionally attached to those you care about.

You have a healing style of nurturing your loved ones. You can be spiritual and compassionate. You’re also deeply emotionally connected and vulnerable.

You can be self-sacrificing when you love another but you don’t mind putting their needs above your own. When you need to find nurturing you turn to fantasy, art and spirituality. You may lose yourself in your role of caretaker and nurturer.

One of your many nurturing gifts is your ability to help others feel free from their problems. You indulge the fantasies of your loved ones and nurture their creative potential.

Neptune sextile Ceres in the birth chart

Your style of nurturing and showing empathy is compassionate and loving.

You have a spiritual, mystical style of caring for others. You can be a positive agent for transformation and healing for your loved ones. Your loving giving of yourself.

You accept people as they are and can find positive in anyone. You nurture others by showing your unconditionally loving and forgiving nature. Your empathy is easily felt by those around you.

When you need nurturing, you seek spiritual connection, compassion and empathy. You also use your creativity and artistic talents to soothe and refuel your energy.

Neptune square Ceres in the birth chart

Your desire to see the best in others can mislead you when you aren’t willing to face reality.

You can be loving and compassionate yet you may miss important clues that show you when someone really means well or when they’re taking advantage of your compassionate nature.

Although you may learn some hard lessons by extending your compassion to those who don’t reciprocate, you can also learn through this process to strengthen and trust your intuition and your boundaries.

Your sense of intuition may need to be refined and fine tuned. You can learn this the hard way by clashing with those you are trying to heal. Be careful not to martyr yourself in an attempt to care for others.

Neptune trine Ceres in the birth chart

Your nurturing style is open, generous and spiritually driven.

You believe we are all one and this conviction leads you to easily open your heart to others. Your sensitivity and compassion can lead you to be trusting of everyone.

Yet even if you are hurt by others, you have a tremendous capacity to heal and forgive. These are some of the lessons you hope to teach others by example.

You never hold a grudge and others may describe you as compassionate, enlightened and unconditionally loving.

Neptune opposite Ceres in the birth chart

Your nurturing style vacillates between deep devotion and confusion about your boundaries.

You’re loving, sensitive and compassionate toward others. You feel deeply and emotionally connected to everyone around you. This can lead you to be overwhelmed by the feelings of others.

Yet as much as you are deeply intuitively connected to others, you sometimes suppress this connection. You can become overwhelmed and consumed by your relationships with others.

If you can keep your boundaries clear and strong, you can show the best of your strengths as a nurturer and caretaker. You can be a compassionate healer and facilitator for growth and rebirth for those you love.

You’ll need to learn to recognize your potential for wishful thinking and escapism, seeing the world for what it is rather than projecting your ideals on to others.

Neptune quincunx Ceres in the birth chart

You have a strong desire to nurture other but are often confused about how.

You may be tempted to enable those you wish to help without recognizing how disempowering this really is. If you work through your initial emotional response and separate truth from illusion you can be nurturing and caring.

If you create greater security and confidence in your ability to care for those you love, you’ll be better able to show your nurturing gifts without becoming smothering or enabling.

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