Lilith and Ceres aspects in the Birth Chart: How does your individuality impact your expression of love?

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    Lilith-Ceres-Harm.jpg Lilith conjunct Ceres in the birth chart

    Your rebellious energy and independent nature actually enhances your nurturing style.

    Though you break the rules and follow your own intuition, you always know how to be there to support those in need. You are deeply concerned with caring for others and helping others find their independence.

    Though your nurturing style may be intense, emotion fueled and based on your passionate instincts, others know your intentions are good. You can help others heal from deep unresolved rage.

    You also have no problem being completely transparent if it will help others heal. Your support for those you love often comes with an edge, but they are motivated by your sense of power.

    Lilith sextile Ceres in the birth chart

    Your independent, passionate side fuels your nurturing power.

    You are fiercely protective of your loved ones and may become a strong advocate for those you love. You nurture others without losing your own independence.

    You may help others find confidence and power to break away from the status quo. You can direct your energy to help comfort and care for those around you. You know how to be true to yourself while also being highly considerate of the needs of your loved ones.

    Lilith square Ceres in the birth chart

    Your powerful, independent nature is often in conflict with your desire to show love and compassion.

    You may want to come across as nurturing and loving but instead your intense energy feels intimidating or demanding to others.

    You may need to work on balancing and grounding your power so that you can open your heart more fully. Embracing vulnerability as well as accepting your unique passions and personality helps you express your love for others.

    When you work through the tension between your independent desires and your desire to nurture others, you can become a powerful influence on those you love. Your compassion and power help you nurture your loved ones.

    Lilith trine Ceres in the birth chart

    Your independent, powerful nature helps you to show your nurturing and compassionate energy.

    By being true to yourself and following your passions, you naturally uplift and nurture others. Your love is powerfully expressed and you may do unique and unconventional things to show others you care.

    You aren’t afraid of what other people think of you, and so you aren’t concerned with whether your style of nurturing breaks all the conventional rules. Even when it does, your love is felt and no one can question your compassion and loyalty.

    Lilith opposite Ceres in the birth chart

    Your nurturing style is often at odds with your rebellious, powerful nature.

    You may fear your own vulnerability and therefore avoid connecting deeply with the people you would otherwise wish to nurture. You may also channel your passion through rebellion. In doing this you can distract yourself from your emotional connection to others.

    When you’ve fully embraced your rebellious side, you are able to show your love by being assertive and authentic with others. Until you do, however, you can become erratic or demanding even when your intentions are to be loving.

    Lilith quincunx Ceres in the birth chart

    Your direct, assertive and intense nature is out of balance with your desire to nurture others.

    You may want to do what’s best for your loved ones but you easily take things too far. You may struggle with being too detached or too intensely involved with your loved ones.

    When you embrace your passions and rebellious nature, your insecurities dissolve. You are then able to show your love and compassion in unusual but clear ways. Your connection to others may defy traditions but your love is powerfully felt by those around you.

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