Ceres and Ascendant aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you outwardly show your nurturing style?

    By 12andus

    Ceres-AC-Harm.jpg Ceres conjunct Ascendant in the birth chart

    Your nurturing style is open and transparent to all who meet you.

    You wear your heart on your sleeve. Your affectionate and caring nature is obvious to everyone you meet, even on first encounter.

    You easily gain popularity with others because of your kind and giving nature. You may appear to mother or nurture others and may remind others of their mother in comforting ways.

    You have a warm personality and are known for your generosity. Others seek you out for advice and guidance and you steer them with love, compassion and sensitivity. When you need nurturing and compassion it shows not only in your appearance but also in your body language.

    You may need to work through your emotions because you are so empathic and caring toward others.

    Ceres sextile Ascendant in the birth chart

    You easily convey your love and nurturing to others.

    Your maternal, caring and compassionate side is part of your identity and self-image. Your body language or even physical attributes make others feel secure and comforted, you may remind others of home and maternal love.

    You easily put others at ease and have a disarming, encouraging, nurturing way about you.

    Although you care deeply for others you also don’t sacrifice yourself. Instead you easily share your compassion without depleting your own emotions.

    Ceres square Ascendant in the birth chart

    You are nurturing and caring but your signals are often misread.

    Your attempts to show love and concern for others may come across as controlling or manipulative. You may have to work through miscommunications and challenges in order to let your full nurturing powers flow.

    Being compassionate and nurturing without being controlling and micromanaging can be difficult. This can also be a motivation for you, though. You may be inclined to work harder to let others know you care.

    Ceres trine Ascendant in the birth chart

    You emanate nurturing energy and others easily feel your love and compassion.

    You easily attract people in need of nurturing and support and you use your strengths to help others feel restored. You can be quite popular because of your comforting, maternal energy.

    You are kind and generous. Though you frequently give of yourself, you don’t usually drain your own resources. Instead you are able to keep your cup replenished. You build reciprocal and deeply nurturing relationships because of your ability to show authentic love without strings attached.

    Ceres opposite Ascendant in the birth chart

    You don’t always convey your nurturing side openly.

    Instead, you can be caring and loving toward your partners. You may ignore your own personal needs but project your needs onto others instead. You can be loving, generous and nurturing but will need to step back and make room for others.

    Your desire to share your generosity and love with others may seem out of balance at times. You have to work to accept your compassionate side.

    When you try to avoid showing your empathy and love to others, you may become fixated on your own needs or ambitions, pushing your vulnerability and concern for others to the side.

    Yet when you do come to terms with your loving and nurturing side, you can be supportive and giving. You can find rejuvenation through your connection to a partner or close allies and this helps you continue to show your love for others.

    Ceres quincunx Ascendant in the birth chart

    You have past experiences with nurturing that make you feel insufficient.

    Your love for others makes you feel uneasy. You may have to work hard to overcome past insecurities so that you can fully tap in to your loving and maternal nature.

    You can be caring and loving toward those around you. You may take on a parental or maternal role which leads to resentment or overcompensating for your own fears. It takes some effort but you can learn to balance these instincts if you try.

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